The Best App For Your iPad Pro If You're A Graphic Designer


One of the biggest investments I’ve made so far is my iPad pro. I’ve always been a person to paint and draw, but in today’s day & age, you need to be able to make things digital! Well, to everyone out there who is better with a pen & paper rather than digital products…

You need Procreate for your iPad pro.

Downloading Procreate is $10 and that’s all you need! There’s nothing else in the app you can buy and no annoying spamy ads.

So why is it such a great investment & why do I love using it?

You can paint & draw like paper, but it’s going digital! And that is key for me. You can draw on paper and take a photo, insert it into the app and trace over it. Then, send it to photoshop or create a JPG, PNG, or SVG file.

I also love just going digital! Like looking up inspiration images off the internet, inserting them into the app and then being able to trace, erase imperfections, and rearrange the sizing of everything. You can even imitate all different types of painting brushes, lettering brushes, textures, etc. It’s an endless supply of every art supply but all in the palm of your hand.


Sorry, getting a little too excited over here.

More ways I use the app:

Create brush pattern background textures. It’s such a great way to create high resolution images.

Add textures to mood boards

Create time lapses of me drawing to show my process {just hit the record your screen button on your ipad}


I created this little drawing of flowers to illustrate one of the ways I use this app.

Let me take you through the entire process, start to finish!

First: draw on regular paper { here are some random sketches I did in my notebook}, take a photo, & airdrop it to your iPad.

why i use progreate for my ipad pro2.JPG

Step 2: Open the Procreate app and insert the photo into you board.

Step 3: Choose your brush & trace over your drawings! I chose the fine tip pen, but if you look below, you can see all the categories & choices you have. **Make sure that the layer you are drawing on is a new layer overtop of the photo. 

why i use progreate for my ipad pro.PNG

Step 4: Take away the photo layer and you are left with what is below!

why i use progreate for my ipad pro1.PNG

Step 5: Rearrange everything to the way you like it using that weird ribbon thing on the top left & the arrow tool. {video is on my instagram feed}

Step 6: Once you will end up with a final product you like, just export it however you want! For this little challenge, I downloaded it as a JPG and then airdropped it to my computer. So easy!!

why i use progreate for my ipad pro3.JPG


But if you are new to graphic design and are coming from art, this is the perfect app for you! I learned about this app from a blog post, so I thought I would write about how much I love it as well & how I use it to hopefully help someone else in return.



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