Logo Highlight: Minilette

On a walk through the west village this Sunday, I came across this sidewalk sale of children's clothing with branding that caught my eye. I snapped a photo of the label (see below) which shows their logo.

Why it works? It's simplicity juxtaposed against the trendy, and highly detailed clothing, was a great contrast. It catches the eye of the shopper and creates a memorable experience. I loved the small, clean icons arranged in a vertical position. They add a nice unique addition to the entire brand experience, like you have found a small gem of a store in a very large city. The choice of font is an all caps san serif font, sure to stand the test of time, and keep the brand relevant throughout its lifespan.

I love being able to walk around the city and always see new and exciting design hidden around every corner. Comment below your thoughts about the logo!

Sarah Gross