Weekly Discovery 9.1.17

1. This article by Martha Stewart on Sara Kim (she makes paper succulents !)

2. Twitter.

While working at my 9-5  job, I was tasked with retweeting for our company's Twitter account. After around 1 week of completing this task every morning, I realized how much information I had started to absorb and internalize. So, I decided to do a Twitter purge where I unfollowed anyone who was inactive or who I found no use in following and followed companies like WSJ, Glossy, Girlboss, Glossier, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Gritty Pretty, Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ina Garden, etc. This allowed me to be extremely knowledgeable about the areas I was interested in and what was happening in the world and has been a great way to stay informed in an easy and streamlined fashion.

3. Sephora Play Box (Monthly sample subscription box)

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is a beauty/makeup junkie. It is an easy way to try 5 new products a month and only spend $10.89. and not to mention, they have very premium brands. My August box included: Kat Vond Saint & Sinner perfume, Glam Glow moisturizer, a mini Beauty Blender, Two Faced melt-off mascara oil, and Clinique double sided mascara. What a steal!

4. The Furry Little Peach Youtube Channel. 

If you are interested in illustration or what it is like to be a freelance illustrator, this is the perfect youtube channel to watch. Or, if you are like me and love to paint and love watercolor (or just like watching cool YouTube videos) then click that link. She shows you her studio and some of the projects she is working on. 

Thanks for reading! XX

Sarah Gross