A Twist on Christmas Decor - Get The Look

As you all know, I am inspired by what I see around me, and being able to recreate that using what is available today! This specific scene was taken at the Baltimore Botanic Gardens during Christmas time. I love the look of gold starts and greenery, that doesn't scream Christmas, but still is in the holiday spirit. If you love Christmas, but don't want crazy decorations, this look is for you! 

Not to mention, it is easy to re-create and is cost effective. See below for details.

christmas home decor-01.jpg

1. Gold Stars ($13) These are easy to put in your doorway or on your walls for some extra sparkle to a room. I wouldn't recommend hanging these from the ceiling unless they are very high ceilings as it would get caught in guests hair. 

2. Magnolia Wreath ($90) A new take on the greenery wreath, this magnolia wreath is perfect for any household that wants to bring the Christmas and fresh winter greenery into their home without the hassle of evergreen thistles falling everywhere. I love a little-added bow to this as well!

3. Wool Wreath ($45) I love the coziness of this wreath and how structured it is. It adds a bit of texture to your wall or door and is handmade, which is an added bonus.

4. Small Leaf Wreath ($47) Again, I like this as an alternative to the classic Frazier wreaths.

5. Feather Garland ($34) I love this as an added texture when mixed with either the silver or gold stars. It goes a lot with the wool wreath and is a great contrast to the sharp edges of the stars. I would recommend putting this on the wall with your stars.

6. Classic Wreath ($20) You have to have your classic wreath as an option! Although this one is fake, a fresh wreath would also be great. They really are a symbol of Christmas time and the wonderful happiness that comes with it. 

7. Silver Stars ($19) Hang on your wall with the gold stars or sting across your windows, so the silver catches the light. 

Thanks for reading