Book Club: How To by Michael Bierut

I am actually obsessed with this book. While I have to say that it was not at all what I expected when purchasing it (did so though Amazon Kindle because it's $10 cheaper), it turned out to be a great source of inspiration. It chronicles one of the partners at Pentagram, a graphic design studio, who is famous for essentially designing the world around us. Most popular brands where designed at this studio including: Mastercard logo, Citi logo, NYC Highline branding system, NYC maps, and countless others.

If you love art, design, or just want to learn where your favorite brands were made, pick this book up. It's mostly pictures, so it's an easy read. The best part is, you will learn what good design looks like. A lot of books show you techniques to generate idea, or try to write about what makes good design, this book just shows you what it looks like. And my theory is the more you see good design, the more you are able to incorporate it into your life. 

This book also validated why I am a designer. Before I even though of graphic design as a profession people would always ask what I loved to do and I would respond "I just want everything to look pretty". Before I thought I was shallow for thinking that, but Michael Bierut's life mission is to make the world less ugly. Right there with you Michael!

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Also as an extra bonus, you can download the background of the picture below to use as either a desktop screen saver or lock screen for your phone!

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