How To Beat Your Cold 101

Flying this weekend for my company's summit week got me a little afraid of getting a cold. Just winter by itself in New York is cold enough to give you a cold walking outside, but adding a flight on top of that was sure to give me a cold. So, to be proactive about my health, I pulled out all of my tricks and tips to kick your cold in the butt! Read below to hear how I have kept my cold at bay even with high altitude and not much sleep.

Tip #1


So cliche of me, I know. But it's true!! That's why its a cliche. My tactic is to literally drown your cold in warm or cold water. If you have a sore throat, try putting honey in hot water :)

Tip #2

Vitamin C

These little packets of vitamin C are perfect! You can keep them in your work bag and pull one out anytime you feel a little under the weather. All you do is mix it with water and drink the whole thing.

Tip #3

Pressed Juice Shots

These shots are my favorite secret. If you live in New York you probably see Pressed Juicery all the time. While I'm not sure the drinks are worth $6.50, their shots are the best discovery. For $2.50 you can get any of these shots. I chose "Vitality" and "Wellness" shots that really pack a punch. Vitality is a mix of turmeric (to decrease inflammation), lemon (always good cleansing and vitamin C), coconut water (hydration!!! I wasn't kidding), and black pepper. In the Wellness shot there is ginger, lemon, and cayenne. I will say this one is definitely painful to drink and I recommend trying to do it in one gulp. All together, they will reboot your system and shock it enough to keep you cold away. I seriously swear by these shots and they actually work which is rare.

Tip #4


These little guys are awesome! They also should be used when you feel like you might be getting sick. 

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