2017 Best Fashion Find: Frances Earrings

These earrings are hands down my favorite every accessories purchase of 2017. While I'm not the best person to ask about fashion, I do have my own personal style that I stick to. I feel like it works for me and isn't ugly (that's the goal right?). But, since graduating college, I've been trying to add more mature pieces to my wardrobe, so I look a little more my age! I've found some good shoes and sweaters, but these hoop earrings have changed everything

While I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be statement earrings that you only wear some of the time, I've been wearing them constantly because I can't get enough of them (see below for styling tips). I discovered them through a small boutique shop named Indigo Octopus. Although these exact pair are sold out, I'm definitely buying more from the manufacture. Click the button below to see more variations!

fashion find: Machete Frances Earrings

How i style the Frances earrings:

1. Day-time work look: Throw on your favorite pair of jeans, add a bright colored sweater, booties, AND these earrings and you have the perfect outfit. You look cute, casual, and put together.

2. Day-time casual look: I love making my weekend errand look 10x more mature by adding these earrings to an outfit of leggings, a creme sweater, creme scarf, and a grey tank! Perfect for the grocery store or eating donuts (peep picture below).

fashion find: machete frances earrings
Sarah Gross