Why I Love Buying Vintage

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I LOVE buying vintage pieces, but I feel like they get a bad reputation…which I get, but I think they’re some of the best items I own. Today I want to break down why I love vintage pieces, where you can find them, and what to look for!

WHY I love buying vintage:

My main reason for buying vintage items is that (especially for clothing) you are getting a piece that is completely unique. I highly doubt anyone you see on the street is going to have the same piece, which to me is amazing! It makes your style unique and I love that.

I also love how if you are at a yard sale, or buy something from a flea market that you almost always get a story from the person selling it to you. There is always a memory behind a piece and I think it makes that item so special.

My last reason of why I love buying vintage is that you aren’t creating anymore waste. It’s so easy to get caught up in needing this new sweater/purse/pair of shoes, but I love how you are not wasting anything by buying vintage items, plus it’s usually so inexpensive!

WHERE to look for vintage items:

If you like a little adventure, there are plenty of places to go in search of vintage items. Some are easy to locate while others take a little more digging to find.

Regardless of where you live, chances are you can always go to Goodwill or Salvation Army. In the city they’re a little tougher though (kinda gross tbh) but in more suburban areas they have some serious hidden gems. I would buy anything at the suburban ones but in the city I would focus more on home goods. I found a set of West Elm mugs for $10 and they are so cute. Keep in mind that Wednesdays at Salvation Army are 50% off.

Then there are the flea markets and yard sales that can be a little trickier to find. In New York there is always the Brooklyn flea market along with a few other recurring ones spread about the city. If you are in a more suburban area there are always yard sales! I would recommend using Google to figure out the recurring flea markets near you as well as any yard sales that are scheduled.

If you just want to shop for vintage items online I would recommend eBay and Poshmark. eBay definitely has some cute vintage purses and Levi’s jeans. On Poshmark you can find cashmere sweaters for sooo cheap, plus so much more.

At flea markets, Goodwill/Salvation Army, and eBay you are less likely to find name brand items, but I would focus more on if you like the piece and if you think it would add to your wardrobe. However, on Poshmark you can find name brand items like JCrew, Free People, and Zara just to name a few.

WHAT to look for when buying:

I think this is the important part about buying used/vintage items. You need to really take a second to evaluate what you are buying.

Make sure that the seller looks reputable. This is more for online items, but if the seller looks like they aren’t getting good reviews or you wouldn’t normally buy from them, I wouldn’t purchase anything from that shop (even if it seems like a good deal).

I also make sure to really examine each piece online or in person. Check for pilling, stains, damage, stretching, or any signs of wear.