Honest Drunk Elephant Review

Drunk Elephant Comprehensive Review

Okay, you voted and I delivered! 1 ENTIRE month of literally just using Drunk Elephant products. (Okay, I used micellar water and lavender mist, but that's all!)

I’d say my fave part was that the products were designed to be mixed together. Which just makes everything soooo easy. I also love how everything is laid out for you, so you literally can just color code your skin routine, like YES sign me up.

I also want to talk about product reviews for a hot sec.

Everyone has A) completely different skin and B) likes different factors in the products they use. So I am going to try to give you my overall thoughts, but also describe the feeling of each product, so you can see if you will like it too! 

My skin type.

Let’s first start with what skin type I am. I have dry-combination skin. So,  I have very dry skin, especially under my eyes, but get oily around my nose area and chin. And I probably get around 1-2 pimples a month.

Okay, so, the short version:

If there’s one product I would choose…

It would be the “pink one”. This stuff is seriously magical. It’s described as “resurfacing” and man, does it make your skin the softest its ever been. If there’s one thing you try from Drunk elephant, this is it! I will be purchasing this in it’s full size version.

Drunk Elephant Product Reviews
Drunk Elephant Product Review

Okay now for the looooong version:

An in-depth rant of my thoughts on each of these products and who I would recommend them to. I’m going to start from my favorite down to my least favorite. Ready? 

T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

As I said above, this stuff is magic. I thought my face was soft before, like so soft that I would make people touch my face. And this made it SOFTER?!?! How?  If there is one thing I am for-sure re-purchasing in it’s full size, it’s this product. It’s genuinely worth the money.  I notice a difference 100% in my skin if I don’t use this product for 2 days.  Plus my make-up goes on so much better and is way more even. Its also a gel consistency which I looove so much.

Who I would recommend this to? If you have textured skin that feels rough and the work re texture sounds appealing to you, I would recommend trying out this product. I notice a difference 100% in my skin if I don’t use this product for 2 days. 

B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel

I’m oddly obsessed with this product. I like to mix this in with my other serums/oils since it adds a serious boost of hydration. I’m also obsessed with this for hotter days as a light weight moisturizer. I’m also very excited to have this product with me by the pool/beach because it really sinks into your skin fast and doesn’t feel sticky at all. It is also a gel consistency and goes on so smooth.

Who I would recommend this to? If you have dry skin, this would be great to add into you routine day, night, or both. It’s so easily integrated! I’m definitely re-purchasing this once my mini runs out!  For dry skin though, I wouldn’t use this as a daily moisturizer, I would treat this as a serum. I also think this would be AMAZING if you have oily skin or acne prone skin. I’m not an expert in this area, but I can imagine how terrible it would feel to put an oily moisturizer on your face when it already feels oily. This is a gel consistency, so it will add tons of moisture, but not feel oily. Which sounds ideal right?

Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

I’m obsessed with this stuff. I’ve been trying out a little at home face massages to help with my under eye circles and this product has been key in that. It is a very moisturizing oil, but it sinks into the skin SO well, especially mixed with the T.L.C. night serum. I have also noticed that the oiliness around my nose has really decreased and I think it is because of this product and the moisture it brings to my face. I will definitely continue using this oil for when I feel like my skin needs a seriously hydration kick.

Who I would recommend this to? If you have dry flakey skin (or just dry skin) I would 100% recommend this to you. This will kick those dry patches right in the butt and really regulate your face’s natural oils. Also for people who like oils! If you are oil-adverse, then this product is not for you.

Lala Retro Whipped Cream

Okay this moisturizer is insanely moisturizing. I literally use the smallest amount and feel fully hydrated. It does feel more like a heavy duty creme though, so if you have oily skin, I would definitely recommend trying this out first before purchasing the whole thing. But for you dry skinned people, this is the perfect winter moisturizer. I don’t think I will be using this during the summer months though, it feels weird when you put it on your face after showering and you’re really hot, so I’ll have to see how this works out in the summer. Or maybe just use it at night!

Who I would recommend this to? Dry skin people (have I said that 100 times yet??). I mean it’s true though, this really really is a great daily moisturizer for the winter if you have dry skin. Also, someone who likes a thicker creme for their face and doesn’t mind that it takes a second or two to sink in.

C-Firma Day Serum

I know this product has a serious cult following, but I just don’t really see why. But, I also think it’s personal preference (as any skin care product is). I just think it’s really watery and more oily that serum-y and I’d rather have mine be more like a serum. So, if you like the more watery consistency, then I think you will like this product. I also didn’t really notice this product brightening my face or anything, but again, that’s my personal experience. Really, I don’t have anything against this product, I just am not that enthusiastic about it.

Who I would recommend this to? Someone who likes a more watery serum consistency and a way to add moisture and brightening to the face!

Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser

This is the same as the C-Firma, I don’t hate it, but I’m not particularly obsessed with this. I have another face wash where I like the consistency a lot more and that takes my make-up off a lot more. I do have to say though that this is one of the better face washes I have tried. It’s scent free, doesn’t foam, doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry, and doesn’t sting your eyes (which is key). It also does take off a majority of your make-up, but I found it hard to get my mascara off.

Who I would recommend this to? Someone who wants a gentle face cleanse that doesn’t leave their skin dry. This would be great if you double cleanse and wanted to use this as your water base cleanse.

If you have specific questions, leave a comment below and I will answer. Or you can DM or comment on my pic of the products! 



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