How To Pack For Spring Break

Its almost officially spring, which calls for sun and sand! Even though I don't have an official spring break anymore, I'm pretending like I do and going with my family to Mexico for the duration of my little sis's college spring break.

I definitely have packing light down to a science, so I want to share my tips and trick with you all! I hate paying those extra baggage fees only to end up realizing I wore half the clothes I packed (I'm sure you do too). I'm also including a free printable packing list, so you don't forget anything for your special trip! See below :)

How To Pack For Spring Break
How To Pack For Spring Break
How To Pack For Spring Break
How To Pack For Spring Break
How To Pack For Spring Break
How To Pack For Spring Break

Tip #1 - Travel Sizes

For all of your toiletries pack travel sizes. When you leave the country your liquids should be able to fit into a quart size bag, so this is essential, if you want to get on the plane. But, it also saves you so much space because you aren't wasting it with 5oz of shampoo you won't use. Pro Tip: Make sure all your carry-on liquids are in one bag, so if they need you to take them out of your suitcase, it doesn't hold up the entire security line.

Tip #2 - Pair Down Your Makeup

Go through your makeup bag. One, because theres definitely liquids in there that need to be put in your liquids bag. Second, because I bet you 50% of what is in that bag you won't use on vacation. Mostly because you're gonna sweat it off anyway, so why give up the extra clothing room. I usually take travel size primer, foundation, concealer, face palette (this one has everything you'll need), mascara, eyeliner, and travel size setting spray. It will be all you need, your bronzer and highlighter double as eyeshadow so no need to bring that huge eyeshadow palette that you use 2 colors out of.

Tip #3 - Don't Think "What If"

Don't listen to your "but what if.." voice. Sounds simple right? Not when you are going through your closet thinking of every possible scenario you could stumble upon on your spring break. This is where people fall into the trap of over packing. They think up a scenario in there head where that dress would look so perfect, and what if I don't pack it, I'll be so mad at myself!!! But, really if you are having the best time of your life will you be thinking about the dress you didn't pack? This leads me to my next tip...

Tip #4 - Pick Versatile Pieces

Bring clothes that can be mixed and matched together. I'm not saying you entire suitcase has to look like this, but if you follow the packing list and have 2 shorts, 1 pant, 3 tops that's 9 outfits. Then you can add in a couple more unique pieces you'll only wear once and you don't feel like you're missing out on bringing what you want to wear!

Tip #5 - Follow My Packing List

Don't bring more than what I have on this list. I'm going on vacation for 7 days and this is what I'm bringing. I have pieces for the beach and dinner out. If you think you need more you probably don't and won't even remember you thought of bringing it anyway. When it doubt don't bring it! 


Thanks for reading, let me know if you think these tips were helpful! 

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