Get the Softest Lips for VDay

I don't know about you ladies, but I always have chapped lips. I drank enough water, I mixed up my chapsticks, but nothing seemed to work. I would love to say that I've found the cure to chapped lips all the time, but unfortunately I have not. I have, however, found a way to make them soft for around a day. Want to know my secret to the softest lips for your Valentine's day (or just life in general, since chapped lips are the worst!) then follow the steps below.

Products to get the softest lips

Step 1:

Take a really long hot shower. This will soften up the dead skin (ew!!!) on your lips. And make the next couple steps easier.

Step 2:

This is the most important step. Take a face towel that you maybe have washed one too many times and is a little rough and scrub your lips with it. Make sure the towel is dry, since that will help clear away the dead skin. After this step you should feel like your lips are pretty soft.

Step 3:

Now, take a lip scrub, this one from Lush tastes so yummy and works, and also scrub that all over your lips. Really polishing them.

Step 4:

Apply your favorite chapstick. Like I mentioned before, I like to switch mine up a lot since you don't want your lips to be addicted to one certain type.

Below are some of my favorite products! Check them out :)

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