Why Your Phone Case May Be Your Most Important Accessory

Why your phone case may be your most important accessory


I know this post title sounds kind of ridiculous, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. 

Not necessarily about your phone case (we will get to that later in this post) but how much your phone affects your life

I mean, your phone is probably the one thing you’re physically attached to 24/7 (which is actually kinda scary to think about). Especially if you are running a small business, instagram page, or have a full time job… You are constantly checking/responding to notifications.

But how much do we really pay attention to how taking care of our phone as much as we care for our homes can actually improve your life.



Okay Let’s start with the inside - everyone says beauty comes from the inside, right? Same thing for your phone. - Like you know how when you are trying to get ready and throw ALL of your clothes on the floor because you have NOTHING to wear? Then later you realize you should probably clean that up because its genuinely better having a clean room, so you can think better? Do your work without the impending task of cleaning your room when you get home?

Lately that’s how I’ve been feeling about my phone. It’s sooo unorganized and theres just so much happening on there that I don’t even want to open it anymore. 

I.E. 200 emails in my inbox, 8,000 pictures in your camera roll (with no organizational folders, c’mon Apple!!!), apps you don’t use, etc. 

But, what if we organized our phones just like our rooms? So when we lock our phones we have peach of mind because we know where everything is. 

We know that we’ve answered all our emails and we know where to look when we need to attached a document in an email or find a picture to post on instagram.

Why your phone case may be your most important accessory


  1. UNSUBSCRIBE from all those news letters you don’t read, or you think you will one day maybe read. The stores who send you 1,000 emails, but you never look at them, just delete them. I’m not saying delete it all, but delete the one’s that don’t provide you value once during the span of a week. This way you can see which emails you need to respond to without the clutter.

  2. Delete your apps. Basically Marie Condo that sh*t. And if you don’t get that reference, you should read this and delete anything you haven’t used this year or anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Now you’re on your way to saving time and not having to sift through 20 apps to find the one you’re looking for. If you’re psycho like me you can make folders for each category and put your most used apps on your first page.

  3. Do the same to your camera roll. I have probably 1000 screenshots I don’t need,100 accidental screen shots of my lock screen, and 30 pictures on the same thing, but thought “maybe I’ll need it” on my camera roll. When you’re bored and doing nothing start from the top and DELETE. You literally won’t miss it, I promise. Now you can see the clear fun memories and pictures for your business and not 100 of the same pictures (maybe just 5).

  4. I kinda take my camera roll to another level which if you run a small business you probably understand. So, I made an album for blog post/instagram pictures, so I can stop scrolling for forever to fins what I’m looking for. There’s just one album now that I keep all edited & ready to go photos.

  5. Use the gmail/outlook app NOT apple mail. Well one, it literally doesn’t notify you. Two, if theres a really persistent subscription that just won’t let you unsubscribe gmail filters it out for you. And you can make certain e-mails filter into other folders or categories. Organization <3

Why your phone case may be your most important accessory


So now, you can take a deep sigh of relief because your phone is pretty well organized, easy to navigate, and stress free. 

The fun part is picking out a case! And it doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just something you look at and it makes you happy. For me, I have this palm case I got on amazon for $6.85 and it protects the crap out of my phone. I’ve dropped it 100 times (like glass down on cement floors) and nothing has cracked. (I also recommend a glass screen protector). 

Every time I see my case, it makes me smile a little cause it reminds me of my trip to Miami with MKM. So, pick a case that means something to you like a quote a picture an image DO YOU! 

Tag me on insta or stories if you try my tips or get a cute new case :) would love to talk everyone. 



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