Gisou Honey Hair Oil Review


Idk what’s gotten into me, but I’ve been very into taking care of my hair recently.

I changed my shampoo/conditioner to the Briogeo Superfoods Hair pack (review here) and I also started using the Gisou honey hair oil.

Am oh my gosh I’m in love <3

Why I like it

It’s such a thick, luxurious, beautiful smelling hair oil. I love how it makes me feel everytime I use the product {is that crazy?} It reminds me to follow my dreams and make something I am proud of like Negin!

I also love that it isn’t sticky and doesn’t make you hair feel oily at all. It just adds so much more moisture to my hair that I haven’t had since before I started heat treating my hair. The ends of the my hair are now so soft and I have 0 split ends. I also love that it makes your hair SO shiny. You know the girls in Pantene commercials? That’s how this product makes your hair look {lol}

How I use it

On days that I shower – I wash/shampoo my hair like normal, let it air dry until it is damp, then apply to the ends first then work to the middle then whats left I put on my scalp {blow dry after this}

On days I don’t shower – I apply this to my dry hair in the morning, but mostly keep it to the ends of my hair and a little on the middle

Days I curl my hair – I curl my hair, then after it cools, I like to just take a little bit to make my curls shiny and make fly aways go away

Extra Bonus

Fir a design girl, this packaging is a dream. I love how thick the glass of the bottle is and how it makes the product glisten in the light. I also love how classic the black and white sticker is with the gold detailing on the eye dropper.

Clearly, I can’t get enough of this product & highly recommend <3 hope you guys give it a try.



gisou honey hair oil review1.JPG
gisou honey hair oil review.JPG

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