Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall


As Labor Day ends, I feel like that is the signal to start thinking about fall and I’m READY for it. It’s weird how you always want the season to change just at the right time, and after Labor Day seems like the perfect start to picking up fall pieces.

BUT, it’s still going to be fairly hot out, especially here in NYC, so I’m here today to show you how to take your summer pieces and use them during this transition into fall.

How to take your summer pieces into fall.

First, let’s start with this white flowy skirt. It’s the perfect summer staple, as it’s flowy, light, and white. But, matched with an autumnal colored shirt and a pair of high knee boots/booties it would be such a cute outfit for those days that aren’t hot, but aren’t cold. I found the shirt in this photo from Marshalls for $9! So cheap, but so effective and versatile.

I encourage you to still think about your summer skirts and find pieces that bring them into fall. This way you are getting SO much more use out of each item, without spending a ton of money.

Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall
Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall

Then, a pair of ripped jeans. Always a perfect piece for colder summer nights, but the rips leave always remind me of summer. SO with something like that, I like to add in a more formal piece, like this blouse ($15 from Marshalls)!

{Can you see a theme here?}

Adding this long sleeve blouse so casual jeans, brings the outfit to a new level of chic & I love it!

If you are finding that you have more causal pieces that you want to bring up a notch, you should try to find something with a little more structure to make your outfit more sophisticated.

Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall
Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall
Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall

As you can see, just by changing up your shirts, you can get a totally different feel from your favorite summer pieces & can wear them all the way through fall. Might have to put them away when winter starts to creep up though :/

Hope this gives you inspiration to get more wear and use out of your summer faves and to not break the bank!



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