How To: Get More For Your Money At Sephora


Ahhh, Sephora. Potentially on Target's level of places I love and hate at the same time.

The problem with Sephora is I want everything, so it's hard to choose ONE thing. Unless you want to spend hundreds dollars. You know what I mean? 

Although, I have learned a few tips/tricks and hacks I like to use to spend less or get more for the money you are spending, so stay tuned for how I get more for my money at Sephora.


Tip 1: Be a Beauty Insider

First, this takes around 3 seconds to sign up for. You just need to give them your email and you can start earning points! Second, it’s like most rewards programs where you earn points based off of how much you spend. And there are 3 levels of benefits based on how much you spend a year. Now, I’ll break the the benefits for y’all so you can see for yourself!

  1. Twice a year they have sales. You’ll get either 10-15% based off of what level you are of a beauty insider. However, I wouldn’t encourage you to just buy things because they are on sale (that’s when Sephora wins), but to buy things only if you know you need them For example, if your favorite foundation is running out, you’re gonna buy it anyway, so might as well get it on sale!

  2. When you reach different levels you get different benefits. The VIB level is pretty easy to hit in my opinion and you can get a free birthday gift and pay $20 for year round 2-day free shipping. That totally saves on shipping costs and gives you a free gift!

  3. What do the points give you? Well, you can get free sample size products with your points. Not like the samples in the little flat packaging, but real samples that have a decent amount of product. I’ve gotten a Becca highlighter, taste highlighter drops, etc. (I’ll include a screen shot of the current 100 pt ones). If you save up your points, then you can go for the 500 pt bundles which are so good.

Sephora Hacks
sephora hacks

Tip #2: Free Gifts With Purchase

I use this website and they always have EVERY code you could ever apply to your order. And there are some pretty good ones! Never order something on Sephora without checking this place first cause you can get more free stuff with your oder.

Sephora Hacks

Tip #3: Ask For Free Samples

Now these aren’t as good as the 100pt samples that you can get from points, but if you go in the store you can ask them for a sample of pretty much anything. They put it in a little plastic container and table it, so you remember what you brought home. 

I’ve done this with Drunk Elephant’s eye serum and it’s lasted me weeks! Also it’s useful if you want to try out a new foundation to make sure it matches you.

Sephora Hacks
get more for your money at sephora

Tip #4: The Mini Isle

Now, there are two sides to this subject, but in my opinion, I think mini sizes are a good thing. Yes, you care paying more per ounce technically, but in the long run you may be saving money. Just don't impulse buy them at check out, and you're good!

If you try a mini size and end up not liking a $60 moisturizer, then you are effectively saving $45 dollars because you didn’t spend money on something you didn’t like

Also, for things like highlighters where I know I won’t use the entire pan, I like to get from the mini section. I have a Becca highlighter from the mini section that I’ve used so much, but have barely made a dent. Why spend so much more when I’ll never use it all?


Hope this helps you be a savvy Sephora shopper! 



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