Summer Lookbook ~ Miami

I first want to start off with a disclaimer, I don't want anyone to think I'm obsessed with myself so much that I wanted to make an entire book of my face (lol). I just don't have anyone else to take pics of on vacation, so sorry you're just gonna have to stare at my face ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

OKAY! Back to design. 

I'm so happy to finally be sharing my lookbook from Miami! When I was an intern at South Moon Under, I was obsessed with learning how they created their lookbooks. It's amazing when you actually learn everything that goes into creating those catalogs you just flip though. 

And I have to say, I LOVE doing it ALL. I love planning outfits and scenes that tell a story. I love picking locations, outfits, shoot props, picking photos, editing photos, etc. I especially love putting it all together to tell a story to a customer/viewer through design.

With my Miami Lookbook, I wanted to tell the story of going to Miami and everything that comes with staying at the W Hotel South Beach (my FAVE place). It shows my favorite things to do, beauty at the beach, poolside lounging, biking to the art deco district... you get the picture.

It's chic, but sophisticated, and I just love the typography details I added to give it the same character Miami has. I also didn't want to bore everyone with long product text, so you have a simple description of everything I'm wearing. AND GENIUS IDEA, if I were a fashion blogger, you can just add in your affiliate links.

It's an idea I hope spreads to small fashion bloggers or businesses because I think it is a viable marketing tactic. 

Hope you take some time to flip through everything, and I hope you LOVE it as much as I do. Hoping to get to do this again, maybe in the Hamptons? 

Let me know your thoughts below :)





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