Travel Watercolor Kit


Eeep I'm very excited to share this! Anyone else find it hard to travel with watercolor supplies? 

If I try to take my watercolor tubes through security I ALWAYS get questions/get my bag checked. I mean it does look very suspicious having 15 tubes of something in you bag....Or you have to carry your huuuge mixing palette which is just annoying to try to shove into a backpack or bag. 

This summer I wanted to bring my water colors with me on all my vacations, since watercolors are my favorite painting medium! And I knew I would need to find a solution to make this traveling easer!

So, I am so excited / happy to share this mini, pocket sized, water color palette I found on Amazon. The palette has bricks of every color that you need, which means so awkward tubes. It also has a mixing palette on the top of the box which also has a removable palette for you to use, so you have have 6 mixing spaces! Finally, there is a mini brush included in the set, which is the perfect size. It can cover larger spaces, but also make thin lines.

So, all you need to bring with you is water! I think the best way to do this is a water bottle and an empty container (so you can just pour the water into the container). 

I also love to get post card sized paper, easy to carry around and you can write something on the back and mail it to your friends/fam!



watercolor supplies travel kit
watercolor supplies travel kit
watercolor supplies travel kit

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