Why I Wear Body Oil In The Summer // Kora Body Oil Review


I know, right? It sounds weird. Whyy would I use a body oil in the summer? It seems like it would be greasy or clog your pores. BUT for all you dry skinned ladies out there, this will change ya life. Also, stay tuned for a less expensive verision!!

Why do I love body oil in the summer?

Well this answer has two facets... one being that I'm lazy in the body moisturization department. I almost never put on body lotion because for some reason it's so annoying to me. And with lotion, I found myself having to put it on everyday to keep the moisture.

With body oil I put it on 1-3 times a week and my skin is ALWAYS glowing. Plus, it takes literally five seconds to put on your body and if theres a little water still on my skin it doesn't really matter.

My second reason

I specifically love this Kora Organics Noni Glow Body oil. It's 100% certified organic ingredients and contains antioxidents from the noni fruit. I think particularly for my body, I liked the Kora Organics one because whatever you put on your skin, goes into your body and I never knew what was in regular lotion. Plus, It leaves your skin seriously GLOWING. 

Kora organics noni body oil review

But let me get into the specifics. 

It's a light and very liquidy oil (see Instagram TV video for a close-up of the texture). Once you put it on the skin it is easy to rub around your skin to help soak it up. It's not one of those really thick oils that is hard to move around or is SO thick that it just sits on the skin.

This actually does take a little time to seep into the skin, but after around 5 minutes you can put your clothes on and not worry about it transferring to them. 

And I know you are all wondering what it smells like. And I feel like I can't describe it. It's not a particularly fragrant smell at all. It almost has a spa like scent, but it almost has no scent at all. My only problem with the oil is that the bottle leaks. Which honestly is SO annoying and makes it realllly hard to travel with. So make sure you put it in a plastic bag by itself when traveling.

Now I know this is a little pricey...

And while writing this, I thought of the best dupe, coconut oil!! I used to use this all the time throughout college because it smells delicious and gets rid of all of your dry skin. So, I highly recommend that as an alternative!! 

Okay, gotta go! Time to pack for my trip to MD then CA!! 



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