7 Secrets To A Cozy Bedroom Nook


I am always getting questions from my friends about how to decorate their new apartments! So, I thought I would start to incorporate some home decor posts into my mon, wed, fri posting schedule.

This week I wanted to show you how to make your bed cozy. I’m basically obsessed with lying in bed, so I make sure to have a cozy nook to cuddle up in. And with that, I have learned some tricks/tips to making your bed the most amazing place!

First, I’ll share my tips to making your bed area cozy and my product recommendations at all price points!

bedroom cozy decor tips
bedroom cozy decor tips
bedroom cozy decor tips

#1 Stick To A Simple And Light Color Scheme

If you like my Instagram feed/style, then the secret to good room decor is to keep your color palette SIMPLE and LIGHT. The two fastest ways to make your room seem cluttered and un-cozy is to incorporate really dark colors and clashing colors. 

If you have dark blue sheets, dark blue comforter, and black shades...your room is going to feel dark 24/7. I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with my room looking bright and clean. The easiest way for me to do that is to stick to neutral shades. You can still incorporate blue shades into your room but make them LIGHT blue or incorporate into patterned sheets. 

Using bright orange, green, red, purple, makes your room feel cluttered even if it's 100% spotless. Sticking to neutrals and a selected pop of color gives your room cohesion and creates an inviting area.

#2 Mix Textures And Fabrics

This is really the secret to depth and comfort on your bed. I like to have white sheets and a cute textured duvet cover. Then you can throw on a blanket to add another layer of texture in the winter! I'll link some of my current favorites below, so you can see what I'm talking about. I also like to add 10000 pillows to my bed... which leads me to ...

#3 Layer Pillows

Mixing some creme fur pillows, with knit pillows with a pop or orange or grey, will guarantee a soft fluffy bed. In my room, I don't have THAT many pillows (I'm in-between moving), but if I had it my way I would have SO many on my bed. Big square ones in the back and 4-5 smaller ones in the front with all different textures. 

bedroom cozy decor tips
bedroom cozy decor tips
bedroom cozy decor tips

#4 Lamps Make a Difference

They make SUCH a difference, that I took mine out of this picture because I hate it so much (note to self: get a new bedside lamp). This is another opportunity to add a layer of depth to your room and to allow for light to shine through. You can also mix it up and add a mental texture here with the base of the lamp! I also LOVE the Edison lightbulb look if you live in a house where you can install your own light fixtures.

#5 Change Your Nightstand Knobs

This will change your room (so dramatic). Go to a Home Depot or Anthropologie and pick out new knobs for your dresser (also if it's a bar pull, then measure the distance between the holes). My old nightstand drawer pulls were broken and not adding anything special to the room. Now I have these cute white ones that add some personality to my parents' old nightstand. It's also something small and budget friendly you can do to spruce up your room.

#6 Add A Carpet Where Your Feet Land

Adds depth & texture. Am I getting annoying yet? 

Pick out a neutral pattern or something white and fluffy. This is so nice in the morning when you get out of bed and have a soft place for your feet to land. It will also break-up your flooring color which is pleasing to the eye. You also want to get one that is bigger than just a door mat, so part of it can go under your bed. 

#7 Abstract Artwork

This elongates your room decor to include the walls and draws the eye up to the ceiling. If you have a small apartment bedroom, then this is your best friend (pro tip: add a mirror to your closet door to give the illusion of more space). I recommend going with abstract artwork because it's something that you won't get tired of and is softer than a graphic poster. You can even do this yourself, that's what I did! Just buy a large canvas on Amazon and either use acrylic or oil paints in 1-3 colors.



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