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This has been my go-to foundation for around 2 months now, and it’s safe to day I looove it. & had to write a review about it in-case you were thinking of buying this! I also think it’s the perfect foundation for summer! You’ll see why below J

I was first drawn to this foundation because I know Sunday Riley is such a great clean skincare brand. When they came out with a foundation, I was definitely sold on the idea of having a foundation that worked to better my skin, not just cover it up.

As per usual, I went to Sephora to get a free sample. Was obsessed with the texture/finish/coverage, so I bought it! But, let’s just get right into it, shall we?! I’ll start with descriptions, then go into why I LOVE this <33

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The coverage I would say is around light-medium. It promises online to be more than that, but it really is a pretty natural foundation. If you apply this with just your hands, you are going to get a light coverage to even out your skin tone and to brighten your under-eyes/and pimples. But, you will get a decent amount of your skin peaking through. If you want to use a beauty blender, you can get a more decent amount of coverage closer to the medium side. This is better for photos/when you need more to cover up.


The texture is just like any other foundation, it’s watery enough to slowly drip down your finger, but solid enough that you aren’t splattering it everywhere. It’s also easy to blend into your skin.


I know this says a matte finish, but on my skin it really is more of a glowy finish. I have pretty dry skin, so I stay FAR away from anything magnifying or full coverage because it always ends up drying my skin out. But this foundation is very glowy and dewy when you apply it to your face. It also is pretty sticky at first on your face, so if you like a matte finish, you should definitely use powder afterward!


This foundation I would say wears until about 3pm everyday. I put it on at 8am and at around 3pm there is still definitely foundation on my face, but it isn’t as full coverage as before. BUT, it isn’t ever patchy on my skin & definitely does not dry it out at all.

Why I like this foundation:

I was always using the L’oreal Lumi foundation (like seriously for 3 years) and I really wanted to switch up my foundation. I had the IT Cosmetics CC cream for a couple months & loved it, but really didn’t like the smell {is that just me?} This foundation is veeerrry similar to the CC cream, but a little less dewy & smells like nothing, which is perfect!! I love to wear this in the summer when I have a tan and don’t want a lot of makeup on to clog up my pores. And like I said above, I absolutely love knowing that I am not putting harsh chemicals and bad things on my face. After all, everyone is obsessed with clean skincare products, but what about clean foundation?? You put just as much of that on your face as moisturizer!!

I hope this helps you figure out if you want to purchase this foundation!! I hope they come out with a mini version too, it would be so nice for trying!



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