How To Create An Effortless Style

how to create an effortless style

After the new year I really wanted to create a style for myself that I really loved and that was easy for me to put together everyday. I also wanted it to be consistent because I feel like before my style was all over the place.

I took some inspiration from Steve Jobs because he had so many decisions to make in a day and he talks about how he didn't really want his outfit to be a part of that. While I obviously love fashion and looking presentable, I didn't really wanted to be something that takes up all of my time and money. 

So I decided to create a style for myself that was accessible, fashion forward, and easy. Here’s how I did it.

Gather images:

I put together all the outfits and like inspiration that I had for style from my Pinterest. I will show you the document I used below:

how to create an effortless style


Then I tried to find all of the similarities between the outfits as well as look for key accessories that were used. I used that as the guideline for what types of pieces I would need in my wardrobe.

What to purchase:

I looked at what I had in my closet right now and what wasn’t. A lot of things I was able to use again, but some key things were missing. I would need which was more brown cream toned tops, gold accessories, and a lighter pair of jeans. So after I put that together I went online and found things that match that or I use Poshmark to find nicer pieces for less.

What I bought:

So the things that I bought were things like a black bodysuit, a white bodysuit, a cream mock neck sweater, a brown turtleneck, and a white turtleneck. So this along with a pair of dark wash jeans, medium wash jeans, and light jeans I now have endless options. 

I also recommend that you don't spend like a lot of money but that you edit down your closet. This is so that the pieces that you don't wear that much anymore are not something you have to sift through everyday to find what you want.

I hope that helps you find a style you LOVE and that is easy for you to wear everyday.