Waking up early: How to do it + why I love it


Waking up before everyone else is a habit I started when I was pretty young and have continued to my adult life. Today, I wanted to share why & how I think you can add it to your life.

I have to say, when I tell people I wake up before 7am (usually 6am) almost everyday, they seem pretty shocked. They look at me horrified and always ask me why?!!?!

For me, it’s always been this way and honestly mornings are my favorite part of the day. But, I know for a majority of people waking up before you have to (or before 9am) is their worst nightmare. I figured if I shared why I love waking up early and some tips to make the morning the best part of the day, that other people will start this amazing habit.

Tip to help you wake-up early:

// Have a treat for yourself in the morning

The key to getting yourself out of bed so early (especially in the beginning) is to give yourself a reward once you do. For me, it’s a big cup of coffee that I can enjoy myself in the morning. It gives you something to look forward to the second you gain the courage to hop out of bed.

// Go to sleep at a reasonable time

If you are trying to change your schedule around to wake up earlier the best way to start is to go to sleep earlier, so your body will try to naturally wake up earlier. Try starting this on a day where you did a really hard workout or had a long day at work, so you can easily fall asleep.

//Remember the benefits of waking up earlier

Remembering why you want to do this whether it’s to work on a side project, have time before you kids wake up, to train for a marathon, to ground yourself, you have to remember that when you are laying in bed pressing the snooze button. 

Why I love it:

// You truly get alone time

It’s probably the only part of the day where you can truly just be alone. No emails, texts, calls, work, etc because most people aren’t even up!! If you are an introvert like me, this is basically the best thing ever!!

// Everything is quiet and still

In the mornings (even in NYC) everything is still, quiet, and peaceful. You feel like you have time to relax for a second while the rest of the world wakes up. And honestly you feel like you are ahead of the game. 

// You have time to prepare for the day

Waking up early means you aren't rushing around the second you get out of bed which means you aren’t starting your day off reacting to things (which I need to do a whole blog post on). It gives you time to slowly wake up, think about your day, and enjoy your morning coffee. It keeps you grounded.

Also remember to not be so hard on yourself and to sleep in on the weekends :)




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