Make An Anthropologie Inspired Lookbook


Lookbooks are probably my favorite thing to design. Giving a theme to each section of pictures & being able to layer on different textures/fonts is just so much fun! I've always gotten so much inspiration from Anthropologie and Free People catalogs, but it used to feel so impossible trying to get the right balance in layout/layers.

While making this cute lookbook for my lovely boss Emily!! {you can find her on Instagram @emilyluciano <3}, I finally found a system that really worked well for me! 

So I will list my steps below of how I create, from start to finish, this lookbook!

Step 1 // Gather supplies

Gather together all photos that you plan on using for this lookbook & print them out. I recommend not printing them a full 8.5x11 size, but making them around a 1/4 of a page size. Then get just regular white 8.5x11 paper. You will also need scissor, glue, and a pencil.

Step 2 // Outline on Paper

I find it EXTREMELY easier to create cool Anthro inspired cookbooks when I brainstorm/do everything by hand at first. So, now I will group all my printed photos by a theme {In my example, you can see the 4 different set-ups we have & how I’ve labeled them.} 

Then I place them on the pages how I want them & put notes in /sketch in how much of the page I want each photo to take up.

Step 3 // Write In Details

After I’ve layout / taped down everything,  I will go back and start to map out the type of details I want to add like background photos, imagery, text, etc. BUT, I don’t start with the cover page, I have that one for last. That way you make sure that it encompasses the feel of the entire cookbook. Ya know?

So now everything is laid out on paper and you have a pretty good idea of what you are imagining this book to look like. Which I think is the KEY to making one look amazing. You aren’t scrambling to find a theme or place things correctly, you already did that without the computer. Genius!! {genius is my new word ;)}

Step 4 // Gather Digital Assets

 Now is the fun part. Gathering or creating all of the different design assets you were thinking of when planning. I like to use more abstract photos as background, look on for vector art, use my iPad to draw some stuff, etc. Put these in one folder & create an Indesign file with spreads also in that folder.

Step 5 // Create Your Digital Copy

6- Now you can use your planning as a reference & your folder of assets to put your vision onto the computer. Don’t be afraid of adding tweaks to the online file or change up some stuff if it doesn’t look right. But also remember that the collage you did on paper of the size things are going to print out, so your proportions there will most likely be more pleasing to the eye than how it looks on the computer. Does that make sense?

Step 6 // Print & tweak & repeat.

I do this probably 4-10 times whenever I’m working on print items. It’s impossible to tell how something is going to print when it’s on the computer! So you have to print & tweet & repeat!!! 

I hope sharing my process will help you in creating your own perfect cookbook whether you are doing it for fun or for a business, this is the process that has really helped me the most & has created such amazing outcomes in a faster time period!

I wish I had saved my taped together & sketched out draft for you guys, it was a mess. Ha! But I think it came together in the end :)

Comment below your thoughts! I would love to hear them.

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