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Easy Nighttime Beauty Routine
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I feel like people are afraid of a beauty routine/skincare routine because there are SO many products and it’s so hard to choose which products are right for you. Plus a lot of beauty bloggers make it seem SO intimidating with their 10+ step routine.

It definitely doesn’t need to be that hard, and I don’t always use the same products, but I follow the same steps. I want to make it easy for you all to make your own beauty/skincare routine, so I’m going to breakdown my nighttime beauty routine! Video is on my IGTV.

Nighttime Beauty Routine

***Always wash face before skincare - I use Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser***

  1. Gisou Honey Hair Oil // You can’t forget about the hair!! I did a review on this hair oil awhile back and I am still loving it. It moisturizes my hair so much, smells amazing, and a little goes a long way. You want to moisturize your hair in some way after washing it so it doesn’t get too dry.

  2. Summer Friday’s Overtime Mask // A physical exfoliate is my first skincare step. This means that there are actual small chunks of sugar or a mineral that you rub on your face. If you have dry skin like me, you always want to be exfoliating the dead skin cells (ew!) off of your face so the skin stay smooth. I wouldn’t recommend using this mask everyday, but sticking to it 1-3 times a week. You can use any exfoliator, I also love this one from the drug store!

  3. Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Serum // So after exfoliating, I like to use this resurfacing serum. I use this almost everyday because I find that it makes your pores smaller and your skin SO soft. I can really tell a difference in how smooth my skin is when I use this serum. I also did a review on this here!

  4. Ole Hendricks Eye Cream // Next I always do an eye cream BEFORE my moisturizer. If you watch the video you see that I make circles around my eyes. Watch me carefully in my IGTV video because if you do it the same as me it will drain the under eyes to make them less puffy (learned this from Lauren over at The Skinny Confidential)

  5. Universal Emulsion // Last thing for your face is a moisturizer! I just use this to lock everything in. I love this one because it’s pretty light, but is really moisturizing. And whatever is left on my hands I like to use as hand lotion!

  6. Honest Chapstick // Last I love to use a good chapstick. My lips are always chapped, so I switch mine up on a regular basis!

There you go! It’s basically a 3 step skincare routine with a 4th step thrown in there. I swear by exfoliating my face, it’s what keeps it so clean and fresh looking. Plus drinking lots of water!

Gisou Honey Hair Oil Review

Idk what’s gotten into me, but I’ve been very into taking care of my hair recently.

I changed my shampoo/conditioner to the Briogeo Superfoods Hair pack (review here) and I also started using the Gisou honey hair oil.

Am oh my gosh I’m in love <3

Why I like it

It’s such a thick, luxurious, beautiful smelling hair oil. I love how it makes me feel everytime I use the product {is that crazy?} It reminds me to follow my dreams and make something I am proud of like Negin!

I also love that it isn’t sticky and doesn’t make you hair feel oily at all. It just adds so much more moisture to my hair that I haven’t had since before I started heat treating my hair. The ends of the my hair are now so soft and I have 0 split ends. I also love that it makes your hair SO shiny. You know the girls in Pantene commercials? That’s how this product makes your hair look {lol}

How I use it

On days that I shower – I wash/shampoo my hair like normal, let it air dry until it is damp, then apply to the ends first then work to the middle then whats left I put on my scalp {blow dry after this}

On days I don’t shower – I apply this to my dry hair in the morning, but mostly keep it to the ends of my hair and a little on the middle

Days I curl my hair – I curl my hair, then after it cools, I like to just take a little bit to make my curls shiny and make fly aways go away

Extra Bonus

Fir a design girl, this packaging is a dream. I love how thick the glass of the bottle is and how it makes the product glisten in the light. I also love how classic the black and white sticker is with the gold detailing on the eye dropper.

Clearly, I can’t get enough of this product & highly recommend <3 hope you guys give it a try.



gisou honey hair oil review1.JPG
gisou honey hair oil review.JPG

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Briogeo Superfoods Hair Pack Review

Wanted to give you all a review of my new shampoo/conditioner!

I’ve really been loyal to my current shampoo/conditioner from Herbal Essences in a coconut scent. BUT, I know you’re supposed to change them from time to time, so when I saw something navy use this one, I decided to try out Briogieo.

I’ve heard such amazing things about their products and it’s safe to say this one is no exception.

First off, the smell is amazing. It’s a fresh apple scent and it smells like summer. And the smell stays with your hair for a day which I also really like. You also don’t need to use a lot for your hair (and I have a lot of it) which is really nice!

As for how my hair looks, it feels so much more hydrated and back to how it felt before I used to use hot styling tools on my hair. It’s bouncier and waaay shinier. I never thought shampoo or conditioner was important, but recently my hair had felt so flat and dead, and this has seriously fixed all of that.

I would highly recommend trying out these products if you are feeling like your hair needs a little pick-me-up.



Briogeo hair products review
Briogeo hair products review

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briogeo superfoods hair pack review

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