Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall

As Labor Day ends, I feel like that is the signal to start thinking about fall and I’m READY for it. It’s weird how you always want the season to change just at the right time, and after Labor Day seems like the perfect start to picking up fall pieces.

BUT, it’s still going to be fairly hot out, especially here in NYC, so I’m here today to show you how to take your summer pieces and use them during this transition into fall.

How to take your summer pieces into fall.

First, let’s start with this white flowy skirt. It’s the perfect summer staple, as it’s flowy, light, and white. But, matched with an autumnal colored shirt and a pair of high knee boots/booties it would be such a cute outfit for those days that aren’t hot, but aren’t cold. I found the shirt in this photo from Marshalls for $9! So cheap, but so effective and versatile.

I encourage you to still think about your summer skirts and find pieces that bring them into fall. This way you are getting SO much more use out of each item, without spending a ton of money.

Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall
Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall

Then, a pair of ripped jeans. Always a perfect piece for colder summer nights, but the rips leave always remind me of summer. SO with something like that, I like to add in a more formal piece, like this blouse ($15 from Marshalls)!

{Can you see a theme here?}

Adding this long sleeve blouse so casual jeans, brings the outfit to a new level of chic & I love it!

If you are finding that you have more causal pieces that you want to bring up a notch, you should try to find something with a little more structure to make your outfit more sophisticated.

Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall
Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall
Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall

As you can see, just by changing up your shirts, you can get a totally different feel from your favorite summer pieces & can wear them all the way through fall. Might have to put them away when winter starts to creep up though :/

Hope this gives you inspiration to get more wear and use out of your summer faves and to not break the bank!



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My Sephora Sale Picks & How to Purchase Smart

Sephora is having their sale right now! I want to share the mindset you should have about this sale (i.e. don’t buy just to buy), what I’m going to buy, and more of my favorite products!!

First what is the Sephora sale?

If you are a beauty insider, you can get 10% off your purchase! It’s free to sign up and doesn’t cost you anything, except your email address. If you already are a beauty insider, and are either Rogue or VIB, you get (respectively) 20% and 15% off!

Why is this sale so hyped?

Because usually beauty products NEVER go on sale. Or at leas the one’s that you want to go one sale never do. At least I think that’s why ever blogger ever talks about this sale.

BUT, if I were you, I wouldn’t go out and spend your life savings on a whole bunch of beauty product just because they are on sale & let me explain why...

You don’t want to buy just because something is on sale. It’s easy to start thinking “oh I need this, it’s $5 cheaper” or “but what if I want this later, I should just get it now, it’s on sale!”. Nope, that is just the marketing tactics working. It’s crazy right? They get you without you even realizing it!! Happens to me all the time and I’m not gonna let it happen this time.

The Sephora sale happens twice a year (so no need to get in a panic) and my purchasing philosophy is that you should get what you need & what you were about to go out and already purchase at full price.

Take for instance what I’m purchasing at the sale today.

First, a new moisturizer from Philosophy. I’ve been needing a new one for awhile but didn’t want to spend an absurd amount. I got this one in the Sephora play box in August & fell in love. AND extra bonus it’s only $25 for 4oz (which usually products come in 1oz containers)

I am also purchasing a new foundation, the Too Faced Born This Way foundation. I have used this so many times, but have never taken the plunge because it’s $40. And that’s a lot for me. But my foundation is about to run out at the same time as the sale is happening, so I’m going to have to buy a new foundation anyway, might as well get it on sale.

But, I’m not going to buy a million other things just because {wish I could thought, believe me}. I hope that it gives you a little guidance on how I navigate the sale!!

Some of my other favorite products I’ll list below if you want to give them a try. These are the makeup/skincare items that I use EVERYDAY of my life. I truly love & believe in them.

What I already own & love {makeup}:

What I already own & love {skincare}:

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Almost Fall Moodboard

I wanted to create a moodboard this month, to offer some inspiration for the transition between summer and fall. I love how neural and warm everything in this board is, and how clean and simple each photo is individually.

The warm colors remind you of fall, while the green is a small reminder of the lusciousness of summer. I also added in pictures of more fall clothing, with some soft and comfy beige knit sweaters. I think that's what I'm most excited about for fall, being in cozy clothes and drinking tea without sweating ;)

I leave for labor day tomorrow, and thought that this was the perfect moodboard to put out right before the official end of summer. As always, this moodboard is downloadable for you to print and use for your own personal use!




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Quality Workout Clothes For Less

Well I’m going to start this post by saying…I never thought I would be writing a post like this. However, a week ago I started doing BBG and am making it my personal goal to finish all 12 weeks of the program (also let me know if you would want to see a post about this)

But, once starting this program I realized, well, I don’t own a lot of athletic wear. The extent of my collection was 2 pairs of running shorts, two sports bras, and a pair of leggings. I wear old sorority t-shirts as my tops. Safe to say, I need some new athletic clothes.

I’d love to walk into Lulu Lemon and buy all their stuff, but that’s clearly not realistic. So, if you are new to working out or need some new workout clothes, but are on a budget, this post is for you!

I want to share how I’ve been trying to bulk up my workout clothing without breaking the bank.

My first piece of advice, TARGET.

I’ve had a sports bra from them and it’s lasted me years. Their sports bras are really good quality and will not break the bank at all, they’re all around $17-20. I also have running shorts from them that I really love. They have a lot of cute things that are good quality, especially for the price. So, I would buy running shorts, some sports bras, and leggings here.

My second piece of advice is to shop at Forever 21 for some of your sports bras and tank tops.

Their stuff is even cheaper than Targets. I would buy you tank tops here because you don’t exactly need these to be that high of quality, just light weight. I would also get some of their sports bras as well for days when you are doing lower intensity workouts.

Okay for my NYC/bug city girls, this is the best trick, sample sales.

There is a sample sale store that has new samples sales every week near my office. Right now they are having a HUGE sale on Outdoor Voices workout gear {which if you came from my Instagram is where I got these $30 leggings} and it’s the SAME PRICE as Target’s workout clothes, just Lululemon quality. Here is where you will find the biggest savings for the best workout gear.

I hope this helps you all with finding cute workout clothes or just any good bargains. I know having a cute outfit to workout in makes a workout just a little better.



cute workout clothes for less

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Opening My Etsy Shop!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day today! I have some really exciting news to share about something that I have been working from behind the scenes.

To start, I have always been a person who loves art and beautiful things, but also loves being an entrepreneur and working the business angel of things. I’ve always had my own small businesses, not even to make money, but just as a way to create & share. I’ve grown a lot since my starburst bracelet selling days (I used to sell them to people in high school – big business guys), and finally think I have enough business skills to go onto something bigger.

Today, I am finally opening an Etsy shop that I hope to keep open and grow as time goes on. For my first release, I am starting with the Botanical Collection. This collection has 5 different post card variations (3 post cards in each pack) and 2 different thank you card variations (5 cards in each pack). They are all hand drawn and one-of-a-kind!! I wanted to start with simple botanical illustrations since they are the backbone of my branding and versatile in their use. 

I love the thought of someone using one of my postcards to send to a friend who they haven't seen in awhile. Or sending a loved one a note.

Shop the collection

My reasoning for opening my Etsy shop is because I want to not only be able to create meaningful brand experiences through my design services and serve as a source for beauty, fashion, and design inspiration on my Instagram page, but also bring design into your life. So you can expect a lot more coming from my store in the coming months!

I am hoping by being able to offer high quality items in my shop, created by myself, that we can make the world a little bit more beautiful!

I cannot thank you all enough for reading my blog or just simply liking an Instagram photo, it really means the world to me that I am able to have an online platform, even if no one chose to read it.

If you would like to look at my shop here is the link!

Thank you for your endless support <3 I hope to bring a little happiness into your life.



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Dress Down Your Skirt

I basically never EVER wear skirts. It just wasn’t my thing and I always thought my hips looked too big, or I felt too dressed up for just a casual dinner night.

But recently I’ve been getting SO bored with jeans and a t-shirt {even thought that will be my forever favorite look} and summer dresses. I saw this skirt on Instagram and thought it was SO cute and more mature than a lot of my clothes.

I tried it on at Target and I still felt kinda strange wearing a long skirt (I literally haven’t ever worn one), but I decided to try it out still. I wore it to dinner last night and it’s such a great skirt!!

It feels like really great quality and the fabric is so silky and soft. PLUS it’s only $30!!!!!! YES and from Target like c’mon, y’all have to try it out. It’s more mature and dressy than I’m used to, but paired with sneakers and a tied up white tee, it’s casual enough for a dinner date with Mike!

how to dress down a skirt3.JPG
how to dress down a skirt4.JPG

That’s a really great trick to have – dress down your skirts with a t-shirt and sneakers. It’s so easy and makes you look like you know what you’re doing!! I would even love to pair this with a cute rocker tee.

And if I had a nicer event to go to, I could pair it with a black top and black pumps and plenty of gold jewelry and it would be so dressy!

Hope you all love this



white summer skirt outfit1.JPG
how to dress down a skirt5.JPG
how to dress down a skirt7.JPG

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White Flowy Skirt

I know this probably sounds weird, but I’m just not a skirt girl?

I’ve never worn skirts on the regular or really ever try them on in stores. But, when I saw this skirt on Janni and Negin, I had to have it.

It’s $50 off Storets.com (warning though there’s a $15 shipping fee for orders under $75). But I mean still, not that bad of a deal.

I received it in the mail in less than a week & am so in love with it! It’s a skort (just in-case the wind blows I guess) I’m still trying to figure out how to style it to make it a little more casual, but here is the first way I put pieces together!

Just a simple tank from target, gold jewelry, and nude heels (also target!) I also go the smallest size which fits me perfectly! I’m excited to pair this with sweaters when the weather gets colder too.



white summer skirt outfit1.JPG
white summer skirt outfit.JPG
white summer skirt outfit2.JPG

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Gisou Honey Hair Oil Review

Idk what’s gotten into me, but I’ve been very into taking care of my hair recently.

I changed my shampoo/conditioner to the Briogeo Superfoods Hair pack (review here) and I also started using the Gisou honey hair oil.

Am oh my gosh I’m in love <3

Why I like it

It’s such a thick, luxurious, beautiful smelling hair oil. I love how it makes me feel everytime I use the product {is that crazy?} It reminds me to follow my dreams and make something I am proud of like Negin!

I also love that it isn’t sticky and doesn’t make you hair feel oily at all. It just adds so much more moisture to my hair that I haven’t had since before I started heat treating my hair. The ends of the my hair are now so soft and I have 0 split ends. I also love that it makes your hair SO shiny. You know the girls in Pantene commercials? That’s how this product makes your hair look {lol}

How I use it

On days that I shower – I wash/shampoo my hair like normal, let it air dry until it is damp, then apply to the ends first then work to the middle then whats left I put on my scalp {blow dry after this}

On days I don’t shower – I apply this to my dry hair in the morning, but mostly keep it to the ends of my hair and a little on the middle

Days I curl my hair – I curl my hair, then after it cools, I like to just take a little bit to make my curls shiny and make fly aways go away

Extra Bonus

Fir a design girl, this packaging is a dream. I love how thick the glass of the bottle is and how it makes the product glisten in the light. I also love how classic the black and white sticker is with the gold detailing on the eye dropper.

Clearly, I can’t get enough of this product & highly recommend <3 hope you guys give it a try.



gisou honey hair oil review1.JPG
gisou honey hair oil review.JPG

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The Best App For Your iPad Pro If You're A Graphic Designer

One of the biggest investments I’ve made so far is my iPad pro. I’ve always been a person to paint and draw, but in today’s day & age, you need to be able to make things digital! Well, to everyone out there who is better with a pen & paper rather than digital products…

You need Procreate for your iPad pro.

Downloading Procreate is $10 and that’s all you need! There’s nothing else in the app you can buy and no annoying spamy ads.

So why is it such a great investment & why do I love using it?

You can paint & draw like paper, but it’s going digital! And that is key for me. You can draw on paper and take a photo, insert it into the app and trace over it. Then, send it to photoshop or create a JPG, PNG, or SVG file.

I also love just going digital! Like looking up inspiration images off the internet, inserting them into the app and then being able to trace, erase imperfections, and rearrange the sizing of everything. You can even imitate all different types of painting brushes, lettering brushes, textures, etc. It’s an endless supply of every art supply but all in the palm of your hand.


Sorry, getting a little too excited over here.

More ways I use the app:

Create brush pattern background textures. It’s such a great way to create high resolution images.

Add textures to mood boards

Create time lapses of me drawing to show my process {just hit the record your screen button on your ipad}


I created this little drawing of flowers to illustrate one of the ways I use this app.

Let me take you through the entire process, start to finish!

First: draw on regular paper { here are some random sketches I did in my notebook}, take a photo, & airdrop it to your iPad.

why i use progreate for my ipad pro2.JPG

Step 2: Open the Procreate app and insert the photo into you board.

Step 3: Choose your brush & trace over your drawings! I chose the fine tip pen, but if you look below, you can see all the categories & choices you have. **Make sure that the layer you are drawing on is a new layer overtop of the photo. 

why i use progreate for my ipad pro.PNG

Step 4: Take away the photo layer and you are left with what is below!

why i use progreate for my ipad pro1.PNG

Step 5: Rearrange everything to the way you like it using that weird ribbon thing on the top left & the arrow tool. {video is on my instagram feed}

Step 6: Once you will end up with a final product you like, just export it however you want! For this little challenge, I downloaded it as a JPG and then airdropped it to my computer. So easy!!

why i use progreate for my ipad pro3.JPG


But if you are new to graphic design and are coming from art, this is the perfect app for you! I learned about this app from a blog post, so I thought I would write about how much I love it as well & how I use it to hopefully help someone else in return.



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Why I Like Shopping The End Of Summer Sales

I feel like right now is always the weirdest shopping time. You don’t want to buy summer clothes, but you don’t reaalllly want to buy fall clothes yet.

Today I wanted to tell you all why I love shopping right now & show you a look that I got this time last year that I still wear a year later!

First – Why I love shopping right now

SALEESSS. And No, not just the Nordstrom sale (which I haven’t bought anything from). Every clothing company is having their major sales right now because they want to get everything out before fall comes in. Fall is like the New Year of fashion I feel like, so they want to have a clean slate & that means slashed prices for you! Take advantage of the extra 30-40% off sale to find cute stuff that is good quality.

Second – What should you buy though?

I go with classics, versatile, high quality pieces. So, this means, cute tops that are classic and simple, but with a twist. ANY type of classic jeans. Cardigans and sweaters because you can wear them in the spring, fall, and winter. Get the picture?

My outfit in this post, I’m wearing a classic pair of white jeans I got for $30 at an Anthropologie extra 40% off sale last year. This light blue top, that has a cute front twist which can easily go from fall to summer to spring. And my shoes I recently got from Zara’s sale for $20!

My picks from the summer sales

Indigo Octopus – extra 20% off sale

https://indigooctopus.com/collections/sale/products/diamond-embr  $75 (orig $108)

https://indigooctopus.com/collections/sale/products/721-high-rise-skinny $62 (orig $88)


https://www.zara.com/us/en/embroidered-%E2%80%9Csaturday---sunday%E2%80%9D-tote-p11051306.html?v1=5439011&v2=441503  $13 (orig $25)

Free People – upto 70% off

https://www.freepeople.com/shop/staycation-top/?category=new-sale&color=064  $40 (orig $58)

https://www.freepeople.com/shop/feels-so-good-set/?category=new-sale&color=065  $90 (orig $130)


https://www.ae.com/clearance-aerie-muscle-tank-medium-heather/aerie/s-prod/4495_1088_012?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat5020120  $13 

https://www.ae.com/clearance-aerie-v-neck-real-soft-tee-rose/aerie/s-prod/5494_1021_639?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat5020120  $10

https://www.ae.com/clearance-aerie-fleece-short-faded-raisin/aerie/s-prod/0706_4098_594?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat5020152  $15



summer sales women’s fashion
summer sales women’s fashion
summer sales women’s fashion
summer sales women’s fashion

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Briogeo Superfoods Hair Pack Review

Wanted to give you all a review of my new shampoo/conditioner!

I’ve really been loyal to my current shampoo/conditioner from Herbal Essences in a coconut scent. BUT, I know you’re supposed to change them from time to time, so when I saw something navy use this one, I decided to try out Briogieo.

I’ve heard such amazing things about their products and it’s safe to say this one is no exception.

First off, the smell is amazing. It’s a fresh apple scent and it smells like summer. And the smell stays with your hair for a day which I also really like. You also don’t need to use a lot for your hair (and I have a lot of it) which is really nice!

As for how my hair looks, it feels so much more hydrated and back to how it felt before I used to use hot styling tools on my hair. It’s bouncier and waaay shinier. I never thought shampoo or conditioner was important, but recently my hair had felt so flat and dead, and this has seriously fixed all of that.

I would highly recommend trying out these products if you are feeling like your hair needs a little pick-me-up.



Briogeo hair products review
Briogeo hair products review

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briogeo superfoods hair pack review

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