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My Current 2 Product Beauty Routine
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I feel like learning about other people’s skincare routines is so interesting these days. Everyone has one, everyone talks about them, but honestly, it’s just so time consuming, not to mention expensive. Around 4 months ago, I decided I wanted to make my skincare simpler, so I literally just started to use up what I had and when I finished it, I didn’t re-purchase. 

Instead, I invested in a great moisturizer and face wash that I use every single day. I will still use a face mask here and there when I feel my skin needs a little extra help and I’m sure I will start adding in a few products as time goes one, but for now I’m happy with my 2 products which I’ll share right now…

1: Face wash

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, $18

I’m not sure why people aren’t as obsessed with this product as me, but I’ve been using it for around 3 years now and it’s my constant go-to. I love that when applied dry to the face it can remove my mascara, but when water is added it takes away all of my face makeup and leaves my skin feeling very cleansed and glowy. It never irritates your eyes and never leaves your skin feeling dry. All in all it’s fab.

2: Face Moisturizer

Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer, $100

This brand is my absolute go-to right now. The moisturizer works so well to nourish the skin leaving it hydrated and the extra illuminating specs leave it glowing. Even though it’s on the slightly more expensive side, I really owe this product to the softness of my skin!




simple beauty routine, simple beauty routine skin care, quick skincare routine, on the go skincare, budget friendly skincare
DIY: Coconut Body Scrub
DIY natural organic body scrub

I lovlies! Today I wanted to share a DIY that I have been loving lately. About a month ago I tried making this body scrub and have been addicted ever since. It’s pretty much the easiest DIY ever and you most likely have the ingredients already on hand. Plus, for the container, just use a glass jar from tomato sauce (remove the label to make it look cute).

I love having this ready in the bathroom for when I want to feel super clean and fresh. It’s also great to use before you apply fake tan, going on a beach trip, or just want to be super soft. So ready on below for the easiest DIY of your life.

Oh, and it smells AMAZING.


  • Coconut oil (at room temp - so it’s liquidy)

  • Granulated sugar (mine was brown, but it can be white too!)

  • Essential oils (optional)

  • Glass jar (Used a Rao’s tomato sauce jar)


  1. Pour around 1/2 cup of sugar into your jar.

  2. Add around 2-3 table spoons of coconut oil at room temperature. Add enough to where the mixture sticks together, but not so much that it becomes to much of a liquid. You want it to have some movement, but to still keep it’s form. (Think of the consistency of your favorite lip scrub!)

  3. Add 4-5 drops of your choice of essential oil (which is optional)! I chose lavender and am obsessed with how the smell turned out. If no essential oil is added, it will smell like coconut oil which is fab to.

It’s literally THAT easy! Share if you make some yourself below :)

My morning skincare routine + WTF I’m doing to my face

If you’re unsure of what I’m talking about go look at my latest IGTV!

So, I feel like skincare is a little confusing to people. I mean it’s also confusing to me too. There are so many products out there that it’s pretty impossible to even know what to put on your face. The products I’ve listed below are the ones that have been working pretty well for my skin. I still switch it up a little, but some are main staples (I’ll get to that later).

The real hero of the show are all the weird hand movements I’m making in this video. And it’s called facial massage! The Skinny Confidential can explain it waaaay better in her video here. Basically what you need to know is you are helping your lymphatic system drain it’s self better which reduces the puffiness of your face. The result is a slimmer and tighter face, who doesn’t want that?!

Also take a detailed notice at the way I do this to my eyes. I push the fluid toward my tear duct which drains all the puffiness out of your eyes. Seriously this is the only thing that has gotten rid of my under eye puffiness, which I used to have a lot of.

Try it out for yourself, all you need is an oil or moisturizer.

Easy Nighttime Beauty Routine
nightime beauty routine.JPG

I feel like people are afraid of a beauty routine/skincare routine because there are SO many products and it’s so hard to choose which products are right for you. Plus a lot of beauty bloggers make it seem SO intimidating with their 10+ step routine.

It definitely doesn’t need to be that hard, and I don’t always use the same products, but I follow the same steps. I want to make it easy for you all to make your own beauty/skincare routine, so I’m going to breakdown my nighttime beauty routine! Video is on my IGTV.

Nighttime Beauty Routine

***Always wash face before skincare - I use Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser***

  1. Gisou Honey Hair Oil // You can’t forget about the hair!! I did a review on this hair oil awhile back and I am still loving it. It moisturizes my hair so much, smells amazing, and a little goes a long way. You want to moisturize your hair in some way after washing it so it doesn’t get too dry.

  2. Summer Friday’s Overtime Mask // A physical exfoliate is my first skincare step. This means that there are actual small chunks of sugar or a mineral that you rub on your face. If you have dry skin like me, you always want to be exfoliating the dead skin cells (ew!) off of your face so the skin stay smooth. I wouldn’t recommend using this mask everyday, but sticking to it 1-3 times a week. You can use any exfoliator, I also love this one from the drug store!

  3. Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Serum // So after exfoliating, I like to use this resurfacing serum. I use this almost everyday because I find that it makes your pores smaller and your skin SO soft. I can really tell a difference in how smooth my skin is when I use this serum. I also did a review on this here!

  4. Ole Hendricks Eye Cream // Next I always do an eye cream BEFORE my moisturizer. If you watch the video you see that I make circles around my eyes. Watch me carefully in my IGTV video because if you do it the same as me it will drain the under eyes to make them less puffy (learned this from Lauren over at The Skinny Confidential)

  5. Universal Emulsion // Last thing for your face is a moisturizer! I just use this to lock everything in. I love this one because it’s pretty light, but is really moisturizing. And whatever is left on my hands I like to use as hand lotion!

  6. Honest Chapstick // Last I love to use a good chapstick. My lips are always chapped, so I switch mine up on a regular basis!

There you go! It’s basically a 3 step skincare routine with a 4th step thrown in there. I swear by exfoliating my face, it’s what keeps it so clean and fresh looking. Plus drinking lots of water!

My Sephora Sale Picks & How to Purchase Smart

Sephora is having their sale right now! I want to share the mindset you should have about this sale (i.e. don’t buy just to buy), what I’m going to buy, and more of my favorite products!!

First what is the Sephora sale?

If you are a beauty insider, you can get 10% off your purchase! It’s free to sign up and doesn’t cost you anything, except your email address. If you already are a beauty insider, and are either Rogue or VIB, you get (respectively) 20% and 15% off!

Why is this sale so hyped?

Because usually beauty products NEVER go on sale. Or at leas the one’s that you want to go one sale never do. At least I think that’s why ever blogger ever talks about this sale.

BUT, if I were you, I wouldn’t go out and spend your life savings on a whole bunch of beauty product just because they are on sale & let me explain why...

You don’t want to buy just because something is on sale. It’s easy to start thinking “oh I need this, it’s $5 cheaper” or “but what if I want this later, I should just get it now, it’s on sale!”. Nope, that is just the marketing tactics working. It’s crazy right? They get you without you even realizing it!! Happens to me all the time and I’m not gonna let it happen this time.

The Sephora sale happens twice a year (so no need to get in a panic) and my purchasing philosophy is that you should get what you need & what you were about to go out and already purchase at full price.

Take for instance what I’m purchasing at the sale today.

First, a new moisturizer from Philosophy. I’ve been needing a new one for awhile but didn’t want to spend an absurd amount. I got this one in the Sephora play box in August & fell in love. AND extra bonus it’s only $25 for 4oz (which usually products come in 1oz containers)

I am also purchasing a new foundation, the Too Faced Born This Way foundation. I have used this so many times, but have never taken the plunge because it’s $40. And that’s a lot for me. But my foundation is about to run out at the same time as the sale is happening, so I’m going to have to buy a new foundation anyway, might as well get it on sale.

But, I’m not going to buy a million other things just because {wish I could thought, believe me}. I hope that it gives you a little guidance on how I navigate the sale!!

Some of my other favorite products I’ll list below if you want to give them a try. These are the makeup/skincare items that I use EVERYDAY of my life. I truly love & believe in them.

What I already own & love {makeup}:

What I already own & love {skincare}:

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Gisou Honey Hair Oil Review

Idk what’s gotten into me, but I’ve been very into taking care of my hair recently.

I changed my shampoo/conditioner to the Briogeo Superfoods Hair pack (review here) and I also started using the Gisou honey hair oil.

Am oh my gosh I’m in love <3

Why I like it

It’s such a thick, luxurious, beautiful smelling hair oil. I love how it makes me feel everytime I use the product {is that crazy?} It reminds me to follow my dreams and make something I am proud of like Negin!

I also love that it isn’t sticky and doesn’t make you hair feel oily at all. It just adds so much more moisture to my hair that I haven’t had since before I started heat treating my hair. The ends of the my hair are now so soft and I have 0 split ends. I also love that it makes your hair SO shiny. You know the girls in Pantene commercials? That’s how this product makes your hair look {lol}

How I use it

On days that I shower – I wash/shampoo my hair like normal, let it air dry until it is damp, then apply to the ends first then work to the middle then whats left I put on my scalp {blow dry after this}

On days I don’t shower – I apply this to my dry hair in the morning, but mostly keep it to the ends of my hair and a little on the middle

Days I curl my hair – I curl my hair, then after it cools, I like to just take a little bit to make my curls shiny and make fly aways go away

Extra Bonus

Fir a design girl, this packaging is a dream. I love how thick the glass of the bottle is and how it makes the product glisten in the light. I also love how classic the black and white sticker is with the gold detailing on the eye dropper.

Clearly, I can’t get enough of this product & highly recommend <3 hope you guys give it a try.



gisou honey hair oil review1.JPG
gisou honey hair oil review.JPG

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Briogeo Superfoods Hair Pack Review

Wanted to give you all a review of my new shampoo/conditioner!

I’ve really been loyal to my current shampoo/conditioner from Herbal Essences in a coconut scent. BUT, I know you’re supposed to change them from time to time, so when I saw something navy use this one, I decided to try out Briogieo.

I’ve heard such amazing things about their products and it’s safe to say this one is no exception.

First off, the smell is amazing. It’s a fresh apple scent and it smells like summer. And the smell stays with your hair for a day which I also really like. You also don’t need to use a lot for your hair (and I have a lot of it) which is really nice!

As for how my hair looks, it feels so much more hydrated and back to how it felt before I used to use hot styling tools on my hair. It’s bouncier and waaay shinier. I never thought shampoo or conditioner was important, but recently my hair had felt so flat and dead, and this has seriously fixed all of that.

I would highly recommend trying out these products if you are feeling like your hair needs a little pick-me-up.



Briogeo hair products review
Briogeo hair products review

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briogeo superfoods hair pack review

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New Body wash / Aesop dupe

Hey y’all! This week has been CRAZY. I’ve probably had too much to do & as a result and soooo drained and tired. I’m excited for this weekend though to hang with my best friends and go home for a little bit!!

And today I’m bring you a product I’m so excited about & I know you will be too J When I moved apartments, I had around 3 weeks b/t when my old lease ended and my new one started, so I stayed with Mike for a little! Which mean I when I moved to my new apt, I needed new shower products.

I took that as an opportunity to explore some new products that I had been wanting to try/look for new things (more to come on that). In my search, I came across the body wash above & I’m so excited about it.

Aesop dupe, body wash best

I found it on Amazon for $9 and took a risk on purchasing it (‘d never heard of the brand before, but it is a Unilever product, so it’s not a random brand) or smelled it in real life. BUT it’s amazing. It makes you feel like you’re at a spa and you are putting this luxorious body wash all over you (lol). It also smells so nice like lavender and freshness and is thick and lathers well.

I had always stuck with the Dove body wash bc it always leaves your skin moisturized & without that weird squeaky feeling & I do have to say this one does do that but it’s such a small amount that I don’t even notice it. And I hate that feeling more than anything in the world. Haha.

I thought it was a similar look to the Aesop products & I’ve used their hand wash which is obviously AMAZING and this isn’t exactly like that, but gives you the same feeling for much less $$$.

If you’re looking to try a new body wash product, I would recommend trying this one out for an at home spa experience!



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Aesop dupe, body wash best

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Your Go-To Summer Foundation // Sunday Riley The Influencer

This has been my go-to foundation for around 2 months now, and it’s safe to day I looove it. & had to write a review about it in-case you were thinking of buying this! I also think it’s the perfect foundation for summer! You’ll see why below J

I was first drawn to this foundation because I know Sunday Riley is such a great clean skincare brand. When they came out with a foundation, I was definitely sold on the idea of having a foundation that worked to better my skin, not just cover it up.

As per usual, I went to Sephora to get a free sample. Was obsessed with the texture/finish/coverage, so I bought it! But, let’s just get right into it, shall we?! I’ll start with descriptions, then go into why I LOVE this <33

, foundation makeup review


The coverage I would say is around light-medium. It promises online to be more than that, but it really is a pretty natural foundation. If you apply this with just your hands, you are going to get a light coverage to even out your skin tone and to brighten your under-eyes/and pimples. But, you will get a decent amount of your skin peaking through. If you want to use a beauty blender, you can get a more decent amount of coverage closer to the medium side. This is better for photos/when you need more to cover up.


The texture is just like any other foundation, it’s watery enough to slowly drip down your finger, but solid enough that you aren’t splattering it everywhere. It’s also easy to blend into your skin.


I know this says a matte finish, but on my skin it really is more of a glowy finish. I have pretty dry skin, so I stay FAR away from anything magnifying or full coverage because it always ends up drying my skin out. But this foundation is very glowy and dewy when you apply it to your face. It also is pretty sticky at first on your face, so if you like a matte finish, you should definitely use powder afterward!


This foundation I would say wears until about 3pm everyday. I put it on at 8am and at around 3pm there is still definitely foundation on my face, but it isn’t as full coverage as before. BUT, it isn’t ever patchy on my skin & definitely does not dry it out at all.

Why I like this foundation:

I was always using the L’oreal Lumi foundation (like seriously for 3 years) and I really wanted to switch up my foundation. I had the IT Cosmetics CC cream for a couple months & loved it, but really didn’t like the smell {is that just me?} This foundation is veeerrry similar to the CC cream, but a little less dewy & smells like nothing, which is perfect!! I love to wear this in the summer when I have a tan and don’t want a lot of makeup on to clog up my pores. And like I said above, I absolutely love knowing that I am not putting harsh chemicals and bad things on my face. After all, everyone is obsessed with clean skincare products, but what about clean foundation?? You put just as much of that on your face as moisturizer!!

I hope this helps you figure out if you want to purchase this foundation!! I hope they come out with a mini version too, it would be so nice for trying!



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your new go to summer foundation summer riley.jpg

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Why I Wear Body Oil In The Summer // Kora Body Oil Review

I know, right? It sounds weird. Whyy would I use a body oil in the summer? It seems like it would be greasy or clog your pores. BUT for all you dry skinned ladies out there, this will change ya life. Also, stay tuned for a less expensive verision!!

Why do I love body oil in the summer?

Well this answer has two facets... one being that I'm lazy in the body moisturization department. I almost never put on body lotion because for some reason it's so annoying to me. And with lotion, I found myself having to put it on everyday to keep the moisture.

With body oil I put it on 1-3 times a week and my skin is ALWAYS glowing. Plus, it takes literally five seconds to put on your body and if theres a little water still on my skin it doesn't really matter.

My second reason

I specifically love this Kora Organics Noni Glow Body oil. It's 100% certified organic ingredients and contains antioxidents from the noni fruit. I think particularly for my body, I liked the Kora Organics one because whatever you put on your skin, goes into your body and I never knew what was in regular lotion. Plus, It leaves your skin seriously GLOWING. 

Kora organics noni body oil review

But let me get into the specifics. 

It's a light and very liquidy oil (see Instagram TV video for a close-up of the texture). Once you put it on the skin it is easy to rub around your skin to help soak it up. It's not one of those really thick oils that is hard to move around or is SO thick that it just sits on the skin.

This actually does take a little time to seep into the skin, but after around 5 minutes you can put your clothes on and not worry about it transferring to them. 

And I know you are all wondering what it smells like. And I feel like I can't describe it. It's not a particularly fragrant smell at all. It almost has a spa like scent, but it almost has no scent at all. My only problem with the oil is that the bottle leaks. Which honestly is SO annoying and makes it realllly hard to travel with. So make sure you put it in a plastic bag by itself when traveling.

Now I know this is a little pricey...

And while writing this, I thought of the best dupe, coconut oil!! I used to use this all the time throughout college because it smells delicious and gets rid of all of your dry skin. So, I highly recommend that as an alternative!! 

Okay, gotta go! Time to pack for my trip to MD then CA!! 



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Jet Lag Mask / The New Step In Your Skincare Routine

To be honest, I didn’t purchase this beauty product for awhile. I was extremely skeptical of it because it was solely backed by influencers. When I mentioned it to my friends, none of them even knew what I was talking about. Which made me think it wasn’t as good as the Insta hype.

But I obviously couldn’t resist & took the plunge and bought the product myself. Want to know what a real person thinks about this mask? Keep on reading!!


The product you never knew you needed

So, does it work? The short answer is, yes, it does work!!! 

It’s kind of like an eraser for your skin. It plumps and exfoliates your skin, so it looks and feels smooth and even toned. And even though it does have a light exfoliant, it doesn’t leave your skin dry at ALL. It actually is very moisturizing. 

I don’t have any extreme problems with my skin, but I am never letting this product go. It’s the only mask I ever use anymore because it brightens, tightens, moisturizes, and smooths my skin all in ONE MASK!!! It’s crazy, you have to go try it.

The texture is also really nice and creamy and it is cooling on the face when you apply it.



Clean is in!

The company also is a “clean” company which is the same as other brands like Drunk Elephant, so this pairs really well with their products. I have definitely seen a major turn in my skin since changing to almost all “clean” skincare! 

There are also awesome ingredients such as chestnut extract, vitamin c, niacinamidea, and green tea. These all help to exfoliate, brighten, even tone, and reduce puffiness. And with out other ingredients like paragons, sulfate, or synthetic dyes you are getting a more potent version of these ingredients!



Integrate into your routine

At first I was mildly confused how to integrate this into my skin routine (even though SF tries to explain it really well), but once I used the product and understood what it did, I use it almost daily. 

Here are the ways that I currently use this product

Face mask while traveling - you can put on a thinner layer of this mask and it turns clear, so no-one will even know that you are wearing it! You will get off the plane/train with GLOWING skin

Everyday mask - I will try to use this around 2-3 times a week after I get out of the shower. It seriously makes my skin glowy and makes it so I barely have to wear makeup to work! You can leave it on for literally as LONG as you want and then wipe off

*You can also use this as an overnight mask, but please people, let me know how you sleep with this on??? I cannot for the life of me sleep on my back, so that’s my bad. 

Makeup Primer - Okay, this one confused me for a second, but then I figured out that you have to wipe the mask off (lol) then put your makeup on. I apply and let sit for 10 minutes then wipe off with a wet warm towel. Then you can add your makeup right on top! I only really do this option though when I’m going somewhere special and want my makeup to look extra good!

summer fridays jet lag mask-02.jpg

Have you tried Jet Lag Mask? Do you love it? Let me know in the comments below!!




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