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Styling A Dress As A Shirt
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This idea came about super randomly. When, a few weeks ago, I put this dress overtop my jeans, just so I could have the cute bell sleeve in an Instagram flat-lay. But, I realized, if I just tucked in the dress it makes an amazing boho flowy shirt.

So, this was something I started doing for the in-between weather for Spring. On days where the weather is nice, I can wear this amazing For Love And Lemons dress as a dress, but when the weather gets a little colder (or I want to cover up my pale legs) I can wear this dress as a shirt.

I wanted to share with y’all this tip/idea! If you have a thinner dress that is really flowy, try tucking it in in the front and leaving the back flowy and long. Just make sure you are tucking the fabric in a lot in the front, so as to give yourself a waist and hide the extra fabric. It’s really as easy as that!

Hope that helps you get more milage out of your current wardrobe. I know it will help we wear more pieces different ways and for all types of weather.



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This idea came about super randomly. When, a few weeks ago, I put this dress overtop my jeans, just
Why I'm Loving Body Suits Right Now
Winter fashion women

In keeping with my new years resolution of trying to show the well rounded life of a graphic designer, I wanted to share a piece of clothing I’ve been loving recently.

And if you can’t tell from the title, it’s body suits!

women's winter fashion
women's winter fashion

There are so many reasons why I love them, but one of the main ones is that I don’t have to tuck in my shirt every. single. time. I go to the bathroom. Does that bug anyone else? It bothers me so much. Happy to not have to do that anymore. Also I love the look they give. It’s so clean and never baggy which is perf.

women's winter fashion

I always thought of body suits as something classified under going out, but recently have seen them in a new light and wanted to share! I will link some of the one’s I have/want below {including the one in the picture above}.

How To Create An Effortless Style
how to create an effortless style

After the new year I really wanted to create a style for myself that I really loved and that was easy for me to put together everyday. I also wanted it to be consistent because I feel like before my style was all over the place.

I took some inspiration from Steve Jobs because he had so many decisions to make in a day and he talks about how he didn't really want his outfit to be a part of that. While I obviously love fashion and looking presentable, I didn't really wanted to be something that takes up all of my time and money. 

So I decided to create a style for myself that was accessible, fashion forward, and easy. Here’s how I did it.

Gather images:

I put together all the outfits and like inspiration that I had for style from my Pinterest. I will show you the document I used below:

how to create an effortless style


Then I tried to find all of the similarities between the outfits as well as look for key accessories that were used. I used that as the guideline for what types of pieces I would need in my wardrobe.

What to purchase:

I looked at what I had in my closet right now and what wasn’t. A lot of things I was able to use again, but some key things were missing. I would need which was more brown cream toned tops, gold accessories, and a lighter pair of jeans. So after I put that together I went online and found things that match that or I use Poshmark to find nicer pieces for less.

What I bought:

So the things that I bought were things like a black bodysuit, a white bodysuit, a cream mock neck sweater, a brown turtleneck, and a white turtleneck. So this along with a pair of dark wash jeans, medium wash jeans, and light jeans I now have endless options. 

I also recommend that you don't spend like a lot of money but that you edit down your closet. This is so that the pieces that you don't wear that much anymore are not something you have to sift through everyday to find what you want.

I hope that helps you find a style you LOVE and that is easy for you to wear everyday.

Wish List: Fall Items I Want

It’s fall which means a wardrobe update! How cute are all of the items above? I love still having some long skirts and dresses in the fall paired with a sweater and sneakers to make them casual. PLUS I’m obsessed with mock neck and turtle necks right now. I feel like they are so chic and sophisticated.

Also let me just say that I’m OBSESSED with Yankee candles. They’re so underated. They last such a long time, they actually make your room smell good, and this scent is literally the scent of fall. Plus you can usually find them on sale at Marshalls, TJ Max, or Khols.

Also, I’m not quite sure how I feel about this hair accessories trend, since me wearing a headband makes me look like I’m 12, but this one looks so chic and easy to match with any outfit.

I’ve also tried the long coat on and it’s SO soft. It’s perfect for fall and easy to layer sweaters under neath.

Take a look at these items and let me know what you think below

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Why I Love Buying Vintage
why I buy vintage clothing cover image.jpg

I LOVE buying vintage pieces, but I feel like they get a bad reputation…which I get, but I think they’re some of the best items I own. Today I want to break down why I love vintage pieces, where you can find them, and what to look for!

WHY I love buying vintage:

My main reason for buying vintage items is that (especially for clothing) you are getting a piece that is completely unique. I highly doubt anyone you see on the street is going to have the same piece, which to me is amazing! It makes your style unique and I love that.

I also love how if you are at a yard sale, or buy something from a flea market that you almost always get a story from the person selling it to you. There is always a memory behind a piece and I think it makes that item so special.

My last reason of why I love buying vintage is that you aren’t creating anymore waste. It’s so easy to get caught up in needing this new sweater/purse/pair of shoes, but I love how you are not wasting anything by buying vintage items, plus it’s usually so inexpensive!

WHERE to look for vintage items:

If you like a little adventure, there are plenty of places to go in search of vintage items. Some are easy to locate while others take a little more digging to find.

Regardless of where you live, chances are you can always go to Goodwill or Salvation Army. In the city they’re a little tougher though (kinda gross tbh) but in more suburban areas they have some serious hidden gems. I would buy anything at the suburban ones but in the city I would focus more on home goods. I found a set of West Elm mugs for $10 and they are so cute. Keep in mind that Wednesdays at Salvation Army are 50% off.

Then there are the flea markets and yard sales that can be a little trickier to find. In New York there is always the Brooklyn flea market along with a few other recurring ones spread about the city. If you are in a more suburban area there are always yard sales! I would recommend using Google to figure out the recurring flea markets near you as well as any yard sales that are scheduled.

If you just want to shop for vintage items online I would recommend eBay and Poshmark. eBay definitely has some cute vintage purses and Levi’s jeans. On Poshmark you can find cashmere sweaters for sooo cheap, plus so much more.

At flea markets, Goodwill/Salvation Army, and eBay you are less likely to find name brand items, but I would focus more on if you like the piece and if you think it would add to your wardrobe. However, on Poshmark you can find name brand items like JCrew, Free People, and Zara just to name a few.

WHAT to look for when buying:

I think this is the important part about buying used/vintage items. You need to really take a second to evaluate what you are buying.

Make sure that the seller looks reputable. This is more for online items, but if the seller looks like they aren’t getting good reviews or you wouldn’t normally buy from them, I wouldn’t purchase anything from that shop (even if it seems like a good deal).

I also make sure to really examine each piece online or in person. Check for pilling, stains, damage, stretching, or any signs of wear.

Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall

As Labor Day ends, I feel like that is the signal to start thinking about fall and I’m READY for it. It’s weird how you always want the season to change just at the right time, and after Labor Day seems like the perfect start to picking up fall pieces.

BUT, it’s still going to be fairly hot out, especially here in NYC, so I’m here today to show you how to take your summer pieces and use them during this transition into fall.

How to take your summer pieces into fall.

First, let’s start with this white flowy skirt. It’s the perfect summer staple, as it’s flowy, light, and white. But, matched with an autumnal colored shirt and a pair of high knee boots/booties it would be such a cute outfit for those days that aren’t hot, but aren’t cold. I found the shirt in this photo from Marshalls for $9! So cheap, but so effective and versatile.

I encourage you to still think about your summer skirts and find pieces that bring them into fall. This way you are getting SO much more use out of each item, without spending a ton of money.

Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall
Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall

Then, a pair of ripped jeans. Always a perfect piece for colder summer nights, but the rips leave always remind me of summer. SO with something like that, I like to add in a more formal piece, like this blouse ($15 from Marshalls)!

{Can you see a theme here?}

Adding this long sleeve blouse so casual jeans, brings the outfit to a new level of chic & I love it!

If you are finding that you have more causal pieces that you want to bring up a notch, you should try to find something with a little more structure to make your outfit more sophisticated.

Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall
Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall
Taking Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall

As you can see, just by changing up your shirts, you can get a totally different feel from your favorite summer pieces & can wear them all the way through fall. Might have to put them away when winter starts to creep up though :/

Hope this gives you inspiration to get more wear and use out of your summer faves and to not break the bank!



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Quality Workout Clothes For Less

Well I’m going to start this post by saying…I never thought I would be writing a post like this. However, a week ago I started doing BBG and am making it my personal goal to finish all 12 weeks of the program (also let me know if you would want to see a post about this)

But, once starting this program I realized, well, I don’t own a lot of athletic wear. The extent of my collection was 2 pairs of running shorts, two sports bras, and a pair of leggings. I wear old sorority t-shirts as my tops. Safe to say, I need some new athletic clothes.

I’d love to walk into Lulu Lemon and buy all their stuff, but that’s clearly not realistic. So, if you are new to working out or need some new workout clothes, but are on a budget, this post is for you!

I want to share how I’ve been trying to bulk up my workout clothing without breaking the bank.

My first piece of advice, TARGET.

I’ve had a sports bra from them and it’s lasted me years. Their sports bras are really good quality and will not break the bank at all, they’re all around $17-20. I also have running shorts from them that I really love. They have a lot of cute things that are good quality, especially for the price. So, I would buy running shorts, some sports bras, and leggings here.

My second piece of advice is to shop at Forever 21 for some of your sports bras and tank tops.

Their stuff is even cheaper than Targets. I would buy you tank tops here because you don’t exactly need these to be that high of quality, just light weight. I would also get some of their sports bras as well for days when you are doing lower intensity workouts.

Okay for my NYC/bug city girls, this is the best trick, sample sales.

There is a sample sale store that has new samples sales every week near my office. Right now they are having a HUGE sale on Outdoor Voices workout gear {which if you came from my Instagram is where I got these $30 leggings} and it’s the SAME PRICE as Target’s workout clothes, just Lululemon quality. Here is where you will find the biggest savings for the best workout gear.

I hope this helps you all with finding cute workout clothes or just any good bargains. I know having a cute outfit to workout in makes a workout just a little better.



cute workout clothes for less

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Dress Down Your Skirt

I basically never EVER wear skirts. It just wasn’t my thing and I always thought my hips looked too big, or I felt too dressed up for just a casual dinner night.

But recently I’ve been getting SO bored with jeans and a t-shirt {even thought that will be my forever favorite look} and summer dresses. I saw this skirt on Instagram and thought it was SO cute and more mature than a lot of my clothes.

I tried it on at Target and I still felt kinda strange wearing a long skirt (I literally haven’t ever worn one), but I decided to try it out still. I wore it to dinner last night and it’s such a great skirt!!

It feels like really great quality and the fabric is so silky and soft. PLUS it’s only $30!!!!!! YES and from Target like c’mon, y’all have to try it out. It’s more mature and dressy than I’m used to, but paired with sneakers and a tied up white tee, it’s casual enough for a dinner date with Mike!

how to dress down a skirt3.JPG
how to dress down a skirt4.JPG

That’s a really great trick to have – dress down your skirts with a t-shirt and sneakers. It’s so easy and makes you look like you know what you’re doing!! I would even love to pair this with a cute rocker tee.

And if I had a nicer event to go to, I could pair it with a black top and black pumps and plenty of gold jewelry and it would be so dressy!

Hope you all love this



white summer skirt outfit1.JPG
how to dress down a skirt5.JPG
how to dress down a skirt7.JPG

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White Flowy Skirt

I know this probably sounds weird, but I’m just not a skirt girl?

I’ve never worn skirts on the regular or really ever try them on in stores. But, when I saw this skirt on Janni and Negin, I had to have it.

It’s $50 off (warning though there’s a $15 shipping fee for orders under $75). But I mean still, not that bad of a deal.

I received it in the mail in less than a week & am so in love with it! It’s a skort (just in-case the wind blows I guess) I’m still trying to figure out how to style it to make it a little more casual, but here is the first way I put pieces together!

Just a simple tank from target, gold jewelry, and nude heels (also target!) I also go the smallest size which fits me perfectly! I’m excited to pair this with sweaters when the weather gets colder too.



white summer skirt outfit1.JPG
white summer skirt outfit.JPG
white summer skirt outfit2.JPG

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Why I Like Shopping The End Of Summer Sales

I feel like right now is always the weirdest shopping time. You don’t want to buy summer clothes, but you don’t reaalllly want to buy fall clothes yet.

Today I wanted to tell you all why I love shopping right now & show you a look that I got this time last year that I still wear a year later!

First – Why I love shopping right now

SALEESSS. And No, not just the Nordstrom sale (which I haven’t bought anything from). Every clothing company is having their major sales right now because they want to get everything out before fall comes in. Fall is like the New Year of fashion I feel like, so they want to have a clean slate & that means slashed prices for you! Take advantage of the extra 30-40% off sale to find cute stuff that is good quality.

Second – What should you buy though?

I go with classics, versatile, high quality pieces. So, this means, cute tops that are classic and simple, but with a twist. ANY type of classic jeans. Cardigans and sweaters because you can wear them in the spring, fall, and winter. Get the picture?

My outfit in this post, I’m wearing a classic pair of white jeans I got for $30 at an Anthropologie extra 40% off sale last year. This light blue top, that has a cute front twist which can easily go from fall to summer to spring. And my shoes I recently got from Zara’s sale for $20!

My picks from the summer sales

Indigo Octopus – extra 20% off sale  $75 (orig $108) $62 (orig $88)

Zara  $13 (orig $25)

Free People – upto 70% off  $40 (orig $58)  $90 (orig $130)

Arie  $13  $10  $15



summer sales women’s fashion
summer sales women’s fashion
summer sales women’s fashion
summer sales women’s fashion

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Pink Front Tie Dress

Happy *rainy* Monday!! It's been rainy since Saturday & it's nice to kinda have a break from feeling like I should be doing things CONSTANTLY!

I went to DC & home this weekend and I wanted to share this cute dress! It's from Forever 21, which I've clearly been finding some really cute stuff from. BUT IT'S SOLD OUT *insert crying emoji* because I was really excited about this one.

I paired it with a straw bag {my moms from Talbot's outlet, which shocked me lol}, Julie's slide ons from American Eagle {which I think I might buy bc they are so comfortable and $17}, and Julie's sunglasses from who knows where {but probably some sketchy website, but here is a similar pair}

I'm obsessed with the tie detail, especially for when you aren't feeling your thinnest and the color is to die for and perfect for summer! It could be great for fall too with some high knee boots and a thick sweater.

Speaking of fall... I can't wait to start sharing fall outfits with cozy sweaters and neutral colors, but still have awhile until that weather, so I'm still soaking up the summer fashion ;)

Don't forget to kill it this week!




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