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How To Design A Business Card - Tips & Tricks

You need a well designed business card...there's no question about it!

One of the intentions of my blog is to not only help regular women like myself create a life they love, but to help women who own small businesses bring their vision to life!

My passion is making better design and that means making everything surrounding a business pretty AND user friendly.

I think that makes all the difference in finding your place in this over saturated market place that is America. Someone can easily find your same product, but having it be user friendly is what will make your customer stay loyal. Every touch-point of your business is an example of how you can make your ideal customer's life EASIER. That is what it's all about! 

Your business card is no exception! 

As you can see above, I created an easily editable business card template, so you can create something that it professional, but still represents your brand well. 

Free Business Card Editable Download

My Business Card Tips & Tricks

1. Keep it the regular 2.5x3in size: In my opinion, you don't want to over-think your business card. Working in marketing, I've seen my fair share of business cards and the one's that are square or shaped weird just aren't fun for the people who receive them. It's like if you got a credit card that didn't fit in your would be pissed at the credit card company. Don't be that company.

2. Make your most important information the only information: Why clutter up your business card with unnecessary information (that no one will read). Keep it to what you want the viewer to take action on. Like your name, email, website, and phone number. If there is a specific link you want the user to go to replace your companies website link with that. Just think about your customer and what they would want to connect with you on.

3. Add color: If your brand had a recognizable color or pattern, make that easily noticeable. Bright colors or interesting patterns will grab the attention of people and make your card more memorable.

I would love for you to use my template! All of the words, colors, and circular type are editable! All you do is click this link and sign-up for my weekly newsletter that comes out on Fridays! (They're also full of tons of other useful things). Promise, I won't spam you!

If you use my template, send me a email, DM or tag on insta! I would die over it!! Extra love today!



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