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OKAY! Today we are talking about everything that’s in my beach bag! I might seem a little extra, but sometimes that’s necessary, right?? Somehow I’ve managed to go to the beach twice this year (idk how), so I’m feeling pretty confident in what I brought to Miami with me :) 

Also, I have notes about each of these products that I will talk about below (i.e. why I bring them). Some things aren’t pictures, not everything is cute (lol), but I will talk about them below!!

What’s in my bag?


beach beauty bag essentials
  1. Wet Brush - I would really be not happy if I was on the beach/pool without a brush. I think that, sunscreen, and water are my top 3 things I need. I hate not being able to run my fingers through my hair, plus the wind on the beach is just seriously not my hair’s friend. I have this cute little wet brush from Dry Bar, but you can buy one from target for like $6. Plus, doesn’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase

  2. Hair Detangler - With the salt and wind, you might need a little extra help getting those knots out

  3. Head band - Love this for the beach. It’s always so humid on the beach and I get the worst fly aways and curly hair, so I just this to smooth everything out. So easy


beach beauty bag essentials
beach beauty essentials
  1. Face sunscreen - DUH. If you aren’t using face sunscreen, then you just have to right now. I like this Origins one because it does. not. Budge. It stays on your face amazingly, so you don’t get burnt

  2. Sunscreen mist - Just if you want to touch up your sunscreen or if you are wearing makeup to the beach and don’t want to ruin it, but still want to re-apply

  3. Face mist - This is sooo useful and I didn’t realize how much until this trip to Miami. The water there is very salty, so when you get out of the water you have a salt film over your body. I spray the face mist over my face, then wipe the salt off with my towel.

  4. Vitamin C Serum / B hydra - I like this to hydrate my face after the water. I bring both of these, but really you could just bring one. It’s nice to add moisture back to your face after being in the salt water (then do serums and sunscreen)

  5. Chapstick - Bring one with SPF always. No-one wants burnt and chapped lips. EW


beach beauty bag essentials
  1. Body sunscreen - For obvious reasons

  2. Perfume - I looove to attach a scent to a perfume and bringing a perfume you love to the beach and spraying it while you are relaxed and happy with create a scent association. So, next time you spray the perfume…you think about laying on a beach <3 I'm also obsessed with this perfume, it smells like summer.


beach beauty bag essentials
  1. Book - Gotta have something to read and keep yourself entertained

  2. Phone - You gotta bring it, but I try to keep my phone usage to a minimum.

  3. Sunglasses & Hat

beach beauty bag essentials

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