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DIY: Embroidered Farmer's Market Tote

Hello lovelies!

I am so excited to share with you this tote bag idea! I am obsessed with how this came out and it is SO easy to do. You can find all of the supplies on amazon and its less than $20. I also created a free download for the flower pattern and cactus pattern to make it super easy. 

Whether you are bored or want a fun new DIY project this one is sure to please! 

Embroidered Farmer's Market Tote 1

I think this is the cutest bag for the farmers market on Sundays or when you are going to the grocery store. It's always better to have a reusable and sturdy bag, especially here in NYC. The hand embroidery is just that extra little touch. See below for instructions!


Tote Directions:

  1. Print pattern and cut around the one you like the most!

  2. Using an HB pencil trace the back of the pattern and make sure your lines are super thick. This is important for the next step.

  3. Flip over the pattern, so the black inked side is facing up. Place the pattern in the center of the bag and use the same pencil and color over the top of the paper (see picture above). This will transfer the pencil sketch you made in step to onto the fabric

  4. Then using your embroidery floss, start sewing! I used a regular satin stitch for most of the bag, it's super easy. Here is a helpful video if you are new to embroidery.

  5. Now you are finished and ready to use your bag for any occasion you like!

Embroidered Farmer's Market Tote 5

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