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How To Avoid Burnout In Less Than 1 Hour A Day

Recently with work being extra crazy, I’ve tried to find ways to bring in balance and rest into my life on a daily basis. I wanted to share with you how the smaller things I am doing recently that have helped me with this!

So what brought me to this point?

I feel like my whole life I haven been the type of person who will be super focused and work really hard for as long as it takes to finish the job, then I will go into intense rest where I can’t even think about answering text messages or even talking to anyone. I didn’t really think anything of it because usually I plan my life so far in advance that I didn’t go into these two phases that often (think during final exams). 

Currently, my life is like final exam week 24/7 and I’ve been trying to fight the burnout and fatigue that comes along with working yourself that hard. 

I found that the things that made the biggest difference really didn’t take much time. Really, I just felt so overwhelmed that I didn’t realistically ask myself “how long would this actually take?” Because when I honestly answered the question, everything was around 5-10mins.

// Clean the house


Being in a clean environment where you don’t have the “I should pick up my clothes” nagging voice in your head is really therapeutic. 

// Plan your meals in advance


Whenever I decide to go to the grocery store, I always make a list of what meals I want to eat that week. Then, I base my grocery list off of those meals. It makes shopping at the grocery store much more streamlined and helps with not picking up unnecessary items.

// Pack your lunch

5 mins

I think people think that packing lunches is a large task, but realistically, it will usually only take 5 minutes. If you know what you are having every day and plan out meals that are easily prepared (or where you can bulk prepare), then it can be as simple as taking out a tupperware from the fridge and putting it in your bag.

// Spend time alone with yourself in the morning

30 mins

Again, this seems extremely daunting. Getting out of bed 30mins earlier?! But guess what -- it makes all the world of difference. By putting aside time for youself and making the choice to put yourself above everything, it changes the tone of your day (if even only the first half).

//Light a candle

1 min

Wow. Candles make suck a huge difference when it comes to the mood. I feel like when I light a candle it reminds me to just take a deep breath and relax for a second. Plus they smell amazing!

What is something small you do during the week to bring you back to yourself & avoid burnout?