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This Productivity Hack Will Change Your Life (in a good way)

Hello! I know today's Valentine's day, but really isn't it just another day? (yes)

So, I thought today as you go to work/school, I would try to brighten your day with a way to make the long 8 hours feel more productive and worthwhile. How you might ask, with a to-do list!

Since 6th grade when my dad taught me how to be able to finish all my homework by using a to-do list with little check boxes next to it, I haven't stopped. No I'm serious, I make one almost every day since then. In college I just it to prioritize school work and studying and now I use to to manage all the projects I have at work. I haven't found a better way to organize everything I need to get done on a given day. Plus, what is better than checking that little box and crossing that task off of your to-do list?

But, I have learned a few tricks along the way to make your list-making make you feel more productive, which I will share with all of you! And I've included a free printable below, so you can print these cute to-do lists right at the office! So easy and cute.

productivity hack image 1

Tip #1: Sectioning

On a separate sheet of paper write down everything you need to accomplish that day, like everything. Then weed out the tasks that are the smaller and more administrative like answering emails, writing tweets, writing captions, ect. You want to clump these together and try to complete them all at one time. Choose a time like right when you get in or right after lunch, where you don't need to use all of your brain power to complete them. Then I like to section out my large/medium tasks by either projects or who it's due to.  

Tip #2: Prioritization

Now, I know people say to choose 3 things per day to focus on, but who can do that. I know personally, I always have 1 million tasks on my to-do list and constantly have people messaging me to ask me a question about something else. So, within each section, I like to prioritize what needs to be finished that day and what I can push to the next. I usually denote this on my task list by putting it first in its section and adding a little star next to the task. 

Then I get to work! I like to do smaller tasks, then 1 big task, then smaller tasks, then a couple medium sized ones. So then my day is broken up and I don't feel like I haven't finished anything I set out to do that day, but instead I've just been constantly putting checks in the little boxes. The best feeling! 

See downloads below!

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Thanks for reading <3

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