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Your Brand Should Create A Feeling
Your brand should create a feeling

Now this title might make you a little confused. What do you mean my brand should have a feeling? That doesn’t even make sense?? Well listen up ladies & gentleman, I have something to say about branding.

This idea I had while perusing Pinterest. I’ve seen so many articles on “Choose the right font to attract your ideal client” or something to that extent. And while (obviously) it is very important for your brand that you choose the correct font, it also is a misleading title.

Your ideal client is attracted to your brand because when they come to your site, see an image you created on Pinterest, or visit your Instagram page they feel something when viewing your content. What I’m saying is, it’s not specifically the font it’s every element of your brand put together.

When I was a lot newer to graphic design, I devoured these articles like I would be instantly popular overnight because I chose the right font. Or if I made the right Pinterest image, it would go viral and I’d be able to book clients left and right.

What I’ve learned is it’s all of the little things that come together to make your brand whole. And when done correctly, a person can get a scene of who you are/who your brand is the second they see anything created by you. THAT is what is important, not that you choose the right font.

Okay, rant over. What are your thoughts? Let me know below, I always love a good discussion.

Instagram Story Advertising Design Trends 2019
Instagram stories design trends

Instagram is a huge advertising business these days. You see ads in your stories around every 3 people you scroll through. As designers, we have to stay current on what the competition is doing and what is popular in this space. I loved over the past month and a half putting together a list of these design trends so that you can just look through and be knowledgeable about the topic! Scroll through to see what trends are happening on Instagram stories today.

Instagram advertising trends - stories

Picture with text and “See more…” / Mimicking influencers stories 

For this trend. I’ve seen so many brands throw a photo on Instagram and put paragraphs of text. It almost mimics Instagram influencer’s stories and I think that’s the point. They want it to look more organic showing up between your stories so you are more likely to swipe up. As a designer, I don’t think it’s the most aesthetically pleasing, but if it’s the most effective way, then I would consider it.

A photo with layers and simple text

Here we see a lot of brands putting high quality photos with simple text. A few even add in more of a collage element that likely looks like their other digital advertising (i.e. email marketing and website designs). This is definitely a little more appealing of a trend and I would be curious to know if it is more/less effective.


A lot of brands are using GIFs in their advertising and not just video or photo.

Simple video with no words

{Sorry for the low usability here, I am limited with-how I upload videos on Squarespace}

All of the video advertising on stories that I have seen are all just simple videos of the clothing/products the company is promoting. A.K.A there isn’t someone talking in these stories. Also, as shown in the Cult Gia advertisement, they add in multiple videos in one to maximize the time allowed in the stories by showcasing more than one product.

I would love to know if anyone has seen any other trends, or if you have any thoughts about these?! Let’s discuss in the comments below.

What I've Learned This Year As A Graphic Designer
what ive learned this year as a graphic designer.jpg

Well it's actually been such a long time since I've written a blog post and it's something that I've really been missing for a while. I wanted to start off the new year with a blog post about everything I've learned about graphic design from 2018. It wasn't exactly my favorite year, but I think I've learned a lot and I'm really excited to share my knowledge with you today. Let's just get into some of the lessons that I've learned this year.

Lesson 1 

Don't be offended by other people's criticism.

I think sometimes as a designer we have the tendency to really put our heart and soul into everything that we create. We spend a really long time on something and it sort of becomes your baby. Then when you have to present this work to a team, boss, or client you can get really down on yourself if they don't hundred percent like it.

One of the main things I've learned this year is that just because I put everything I have into something or I think that it is the best version that I can be, it doesn't always mean that the other person is going to think that. Their perception is always going to be different since they're a different person than you. I think it's really important you understand that you should not take their comments as a comment on if you're a good designer or not, but as a way to help them get what they want from you. After all, design is 90% subjective, so one person can love something you do and one person and hate it. 

Lesson 2

You are not an artist you are a defender of the user.

As someone who has been an artist their entire life, I love the creative process. But, going from creating art to being a graphic designer was a complete 180.  What drew me to graphic design was being able to make everything look better, but for a purpose and as a way to support myself in the "real world". What I didn't know was really how different graphic design and art are. Art is an expression of yourself of your interpretation of the world and it's completely personal and every decision is based off of what you think. For graphic design, you have an end goal and your design work has to meet this goal. Once you once you realize that graphic design isn’t supposed to be an expression of who you are it also makes it a lot easier to not take things personally like how I mentioned in my first lesson.  

Lesson 3

You can't please everyone. 

This one I'm sure you have heard so many times just about your everyday life and not even about graphic design, but I think it's probably one of the most important lessons that I've learned this year. I always thought that I need to be able to do everything to be desirable to a company/brand. What I've learned this year is that what you really need to do is focus on the things that bring you joy and that you think are great design. I think the main reason that I figured this out is through applying to jobs. I saw that some people really loved what I was doing and some people told me I needed to fix something. However, if I listened to their advice, someone else always ended up not liking it. So either way someone didn't like what I was doing and I compromised my opinion and thought on the subject matter. The moral of the story here is to do what you think is right and if you really trust someone else's opinion and do you agree with what they said then I would go ahead and follow their advice.

Lesson 4

Design is not a competition

I’ve seen a lot of competition among designers in just my year and a half as a designer. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in trying to be better than another person and let that rule your thoughts as you are designing. However, I feel like whenever I am designing in this midset that everything tends to become a competition and I always end up feeling bad about myself. I have learned to not compete, everyone is different, so there is no point in competing. Try to see your fellow designers as a resource for you to ask questions and to get advice from, not someone who you are trying to be better than. I swear you will learn so much more in the process and come out a better designer than before.


What I Have Learned This Year As A Graphic Designer.jpg
Small Business Branding: Insta Highlights

Today I wanted to talk about highlight covers on Instagram. Why they’re important, a client example I created, and how you can do it yourself!! 

I personally believe as a graphic designer that companies (especially small companies) should take every opportunity to brand themselves. And highlight covers are not exception. You might think that they are something small, but they can have a huge impact on your Instagram page. Let’s get more into why I think they’re important and how I make them for my clients + how you can DIY it!


Why is branding your highlight covers important?

  1. You are showing your brand’s personal style, so people will immediately know if their personal aesthetic goes with your brand

  2. You are seen as a more legitimate influencer, company, etc because you page will look extremely more professional and polished

  3. You are given the opportunity to make your profile more unique and stand out against the crowd. Using icons that aren’t the same as your competition will set you apart.


Client Example?

I think highlight covers are different for each client based off of their brand’s style and aesthetic. It is important that the highlight covers go seamlessly with the rest of their products/blog/company/photos.

When given the opportunity to create highlight covers for @emily_luciano I studied her brand and decided that hand drawn was the right course of action! 

To do this I used Procreate on my iPad to hand draw each of the covers. I tried to give them each a unique flair that other cover I saw didn’t have. I also kept the background to her brand colors. 

Below is a video of how I created the “house” cover, hope you like it! Below are my tips on how to do it yourself, sans iPad!

instagram highlight covers
instagram highlight covers
instagram highlight covers
instagram highlight covers

How can you do this yourself?

If you are really on a tight budget and are unable to pay someone to create these for you, I’m here to help! Of course, if you would like to use my services you can, but I get the hustle, so here are my tips to making your own highlight covers!

First, make an account on Canva. This is essentially a free online and simple version of Photoshop. Here you can select the “Instagram Stories” template or create a canvas that is 1080 x 1920.  think if you want to have a more “icon” look or a “hand drawn” look. I have tips for both!

For hand drawn:

Option 1: I would look up inspirational photos online and print them out.   Then lay a blank piece of paper over this photo and put them both on a window with a lot of sunlight coming through.  This will create a light box effect, so you can trace over the photo you printed out. Then you can scan this using your iPhone and send to your email. You can plop the image onto your Canva template and this will create the right size image. 

Option 2: If you want to get fancy, you can use Illustrator to trace your photo and export it as a .PNG. This way you can put a different color say our background.

Option 3: Use Procreate app on the iPad Pro

For icon:

Option 1: Use Canva’s icons! There are free ones and ones that cost $1, so it is really easy to find something on a budget! 

Option 2: If you want a more “icon” look with clean lines, my favorite service is There you can search for vector images that are free to download and customize! All you have to do is attribute the website on your image, which you can do very discretely at the bottom!

I download the .ai file and try to get just the outline of the image that I want, then you can change the color and put it on different backgrounds to create your own personal style.

Comment below if you have any questions!




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How To Design A Business Card - Tips & Tricks

You need a well designed business card...there's no question about it!

One of the intentions of my blog is to not only help regular women like myself create a life they love, but to help women who own small businesses bring their vision to life!

My passion is making better design and that means making everything surrounding a business pretty AND user friendly.

I think that makes all the difference in finding your place in this over saturated market place that is America. Someone can easily find your same product, but having it be user friendly is what will make your customer stay loyal. Every touch-point of your business is an example of how you can make your ideal customer's life EASIER. That is what it's all about! 

Your business card is no exception! 

As you can see above, I created an easily editable business card template, so you can create something that it professional, but still represents your brand well. 

Free Business Card Editable Download

My Business Card Tips & Tricks

1. Keep it the regular 2.5x3in size: In my opinion, you don't want to over-think your business card. Working in marketing, I've seen my fair share of business cards and the one's that are square or shaped weird just aren't fun for the people who receive them. It's like if you got a credit card that didn't fit in your would be pissed at the credit card company. Don't be that company.

2. Make your most important information the only information: Why clutter up your business card with unnecessary information (that no one will read). Keep it to what you want the viewer to take action on. Like your name, email, website, and phone number. If there is a specific link you want the user to go to replace your companies website link with that. Just think about your customer and what they would want to connect with you on.

3. Add color: If your brand had a recognizable color or pattern, make that easily noticeable. Bright colors or interesting patterns will grab the attention of people and make your card more memorable.

I would love for you to use my template! All of the words, colors, and circular type are editable! All you do is click this link and sign-up for my weekly newsletter that comes out on Fridays! (They're also full of tons of other useful things). Promise, I won't spam you!

If you use my template, send me a email, DM or tag on insta! I would die over it!! Extra love today!



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This Productivity Hack Will Change Your Life (in a good way)

Hello! I know today's Valentine's day, but really isn't it just another day? (yes)

So, I thought today as you go to work/school, I would try to brighten your day with a way to make the long 8 hours feel more productive and worthwhile. How you might ask, with a to-do list!

Since 6th grade when my dad taught me how to be able to finish all my homework by using a to-do list with little check boxes next to it, I haven't stopped. No I'm serious, I make one almost every day since then. In college I just it to prioritize school work and studying and now I use to to manage all the projects I have at work. I haven't found a better way to organize everything I need to get done on a given day. Plus, what is better than checking that little box and crossing that task off of your to-do list?

But, I have learned a few tricks along the way to make your list-making make you feel more productive, which I will share with all of you! And I've included a free printable below, so you can print these cute to-do lists right at the office! So easy and cute.

productivity hack image 1

Tip #1: Sectioning

On a separate sheet of paper write down everything you need to accomplish that day, like everything. Then weed out the tasks that are the smaller and more administrative like answering emails, writing tweets, writing captions, ect. You want to clump these together and try to complete them all at one time. Choose a time like right when you get in or right after lunch, where you don't need to use all of your brain power to complete them. Then I like to section out my large/medium tasks by either projects or who it's due to.  

Tip #2: Prioritization

Now, I know people say to choose 3 things per day to focus on, but who can do that. I know personally, I always have 1 million tasks on my to-do list and constantly have people messaging me to ask me a question about something else. So, within each section, I like to prioritize what needs to be finished that day and what I can push to the next. I usually denote this on my task list by putting it first in its section and adding a little star next to the task. 

Then I get to work! I like to do smaller tasks, then 1 big task, then smaller tasks, then a couple medium sized ones. So then my day is broken up and I don't feel like I haven't finished anything I set out to do that day, but instead I've just been constantly putting checks in the little boxes. The best feeling! 

See downloads below!

productivity image 2

Thanks for reading <3

shop my favorite task organziers

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