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Recycling Your Glass Container into Vases
Modern Farmhouse DIY Project: Recycled Vase

Recycling your waste instead of tossing it into a trashcan is a great habit to have! But, often times we forget to choose the blue bin or we can’t even figure out which one it is. We all know that feeling of looking at the 5 trash bins and not knowing where to put our trash from lunch. Even so, everyone knows that recycling is important in order to preserve our environment. I’ve tried to incorporate habits into my daily life that create less waste and have found that this can be fun!

Even if it is just one small action, over time the choices we make accumulate and create a larger impact than we realize. Today I wanted to share one of my favorite creative ways to recycle. Recently I had the idea to turn my used kombucha bottle into a glass vase (see photo above).

Reusing old containers instead of buying new ones is one of the easiest ways to incorporate more recycling into your daily life. All you have to do is remove the label and scrub off that yucky sticky residue (i recommend using hot water, soap, and a super rough scrub brush). I am using a health aid kombucha bottle because I liked the shape. I also have a larger glass jug that is used at a coffee shop here in NYC as a refillable jar for coffee. I didn’t need that in my house, so I turned it into a farm-chic vase.

I hope this post inspires you to find a new purpose for your unwanted items. Even if it’s as simple as a kombucha jar turned vase.


DIY: Coconut Body Scrub
DIY natural organic body scrub

I lovlies! Today I wanted to share a DIY that I have been loving lately. About a month ago I tried making this body scrub and have been addicted ever since. It’s pretty much the easiest DIY ever and you most likely have the ingredients already on hand. Plus, for the container, just use a glass jar from tomato sauce (remove the label to make it look cute).

I love having this ready in the bathroom for when I want to feel super clean and fresh. It’s also great to use before you apply fake tan, going on a beach trip, or just want to be super soft. So ready on below for the easiest DIY of your life.

Oh, and it smells AMAZING.


  • Coconut oil (at room temp - so it’s liquidy)

  • Granulated sugar (mine was brown, but it can be white too!)

  • Essential oils (optional)

  • Glass jar (Used a Rao’s tomato sauce jar)


  1. Pour around 1/2 cup of sugar into your jar.

  2. Add around 2-3 table spoons of coconut oil at room temperature. Add enough to where the mixture sticks together, but not so much that it becomes to much of a liquid. You want it to have some movement, but to still keep it’s form. (Think of the consistency of your favorite lip scrub!)

  3. Add 4-5 drops of your choice of essential oil (which is optional)! I chose lavender and am obsessed with how the smell turned out. If no essential oil is added, it will smell like coconut oil which is fab to.

It’s literally THAT easy! Share if you make some yourself below :)

Making Your Own Winter Wreath

Not sure why I decided to make a winter wreath, but I’m so glad I did! I love how it turned out and that it’s exactly the way that I want it. It’s hard to find a cute wreath with the color scheme I like, so being able to pick everything that went into the wreath was so cool.

I want to share with y’all how I made it, so if you want to try too, you can! It’s pretty simple, but I will give you some tips/tricks that I learned along the way.

Step #1

Gather your supplies.

I chose different plants but all within the same shades, so it looked cohesive! (p.s. I didn’t end up using the lavender!) Make sure if you are buying this from Michael’s/Jo Annes that you use coupons! This saves you so much money.

winter wreath diy eucalyptus.jpg

Step #2

Get the base down.

Figure out what flower is your base. I chose to use the flocked eucalyptus as my base as well as the regular version. Once I had these all cut into manageable pieces, I started with the flocked eucalyptus and evenly spreading it throughout the frame. It figured out it was easier to tie it down toward the middle and then bend the top and bottom to where I wanted it. Then, I would tie down the bottom of the stem and leave the top free.

*Note on the wire: I cut the wire pieces into 2 inch pieces and before I tried to use them as ties I bent them into more of a “c” shape, so it was easier to tie the stems to the wire wreath.


Step #3

Add in decorative flowers.

Next, I took my more decorative flowers/plants to make the wreath look fuller. Once the base was in, I added 5 sprigs of the bunny’s tail and then the white berries. There wasn’t an exact science to where I added them, I just tried to make the wreath balanced on all sides. I tied down the bunny’s tail with wire, but the berries were too short to tie, so I just tried to snuggle them into the wreath enough so they wouldn’t fall out.

*Note on the flowers: The easiest flowers to use were the ones with wire in them, so next time I am definitely going to try to find flowers with wire throughout the entire piece. Makes it way easier to keep things in place.


Step #4

Take a step back.

After you’ve added all of your pieces, I recommend hanging it on the wall and seeing if there are any spots that look more sparse than others or have more white than others. I found that one section needed more flocked eucalyptus, so I added that in there. Plus I had to mess around with some branches and bend them to the way I wanted them. This is the part that probably takes the longest because you are just bending and moving things until you like it.

And that’s it! It took me around an hour to put it all together, but it was also my first time ever doing this! I love the way it turned out too.

Pin it!

winter wreath eucalyptus diy.jpg

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DIY: Embroidered Farmer's Market Tote

Hello lovelies!

I am so excited to share with you this tote bag idea! I am obsessed with how this came out and it is SO easy to do. You can find all of the supplies on amazon and its less than $20. I also created a free download for the flower pattern and cactus pattern to make it super easy. 

Whether you are bored or want a fun new DIY project this one is sure to please! 

Embroidered Farmer's Market Tote 1

I think this is the cutest bag for the farmers market on Sundays or when you are going to the grocery store. It's always better to have a reusable and sturdy bag, especially here in NYC. The hand embroidery is just that extra little touch. See below for instructions!


Tote Directions:

  1. Print pattern and cut around the one you like the most!

  2. Using an HB pencil trace the back of the pattern and make sure your lines are super thick. This is important for the next step.

  3. Flip over the pattern, so the black inked side is facing up. Place the pattern in the center of the bag and use the same pencil and color over the top of the paper (see picture above). This will transfer the pencil sketch you made in step to onto the fabric

  4. Then using your embroidery floss, start sewing! I used a regular satin stitch for most of the bag, it's super easy. Here is a helpful video if you are new to embroidery.

  5. Now you are finished and ready to use your bag for any occasion you like!

Embroidered Farmer's Market Tote 5

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